In 2020, Baton Rouge traffic deaths increased in frequency even with stay-at-home orders in the state. Authorities are alarmed with the number of fatalities that have surged in 10 years.

 Authorities are shocked at the increased death that should have been avoided with stay-at-home orders during the past year.

 According to Dr. William "Beau" Clark, East Baton Rouge Parish coroner stated that 88 people died from Parish motor vehicle accidents. Adding that it is the most number of traffic fatalities recorded since 2012, reported The Advocate.

 Information from the Baton Rouge Police Department's Traffic Homicide division possesses earlier data for fatal car accidents in city limits. Officials 10mention this is the most traffic accidents in 2020 that outnumber the ones in 2001.

 One of the division heads, Sgt. James Pittman told the press that there would be exceptions from year to year when some months have more accidents than the usual every year. He said that there is no need to panic with about 50 accidents annually.

 He added that everything was okay until July, which was past the mid-year; it was not expected by that time. The sergeant said it was the first indication of a usual year than before.

One of the traffic fatalities was 63-year-old Susan Ann Long, the pedestrian hit by a Honda Civic when crossing Florida St.; the victim rode a mobility scooter. An 11-year-old Wayne Ford, cause of death was a box truck that rammed and slammed hard into a car he rode in, the vehicle stalled while on the road on US Hwy 61. They were included in Baton Rouge traffic deaths.

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 More bad news came when 73-year-old Ulysses Williams was hit by a red Toyota pick-up truck. The old man was crossing the road on the Airline Highway. He got killed instantly.

Pittman chimed in on the accidents, and why they increased, he blames the COVID-19 pandemic as the outlying cause.

 Other arguments might claim that the lockdown would result in fewer crashes, but there is another opinion. Based on the coroner's records, coronavirus-related anxiety from March to June indicated more deaths connected to vehicles than in 2019.

 It became apparent that more deaths were registered as the year progressed. One important thing to note is that these traffic deaths were happening before the outbreak of the first COVID-19 case.

 Pittman explained that all these traffic fatalities are not easy to explain. He made a point with the dip of non-fatal car crashes compared to life taking car crashes. Continuing, citing a drop of 40% in crashes overall. Which is indicating less road travel during the COVID-19 pandemic.

 He equated the less congested road led to driving faster and recklessly as more people stayed home. But unsafe driving added to the car crashes more.

 Pittman added that about 24 pedestrians killed in 2020, compared to the usual number of victims at 15 or 16 per year. Another factor might be the unemployment on the heels of the pandemic because cars cannot be afforded.

 Some of the victims were drugged or drinking liquor as the pandemic took its toll on them. They wandered out instead of staying at home where they should be.

 Pittman stressed it is hard to put the finger on it, but Baton Rouge traffic deaths last 2020 need more investigation.

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