A man captured sitting inside House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's office with his foot up on her desk during the U.S. Capitol siege on Wednesday, has been taken into custody and faces multiple charges. 

Man Captured With Foot on Desk in Pelosi's Office Arrested

Richard Barnett from Arkansas was indicted this morning in Little Rock, Arkansas, according to Ken Kohl, first assistant for the United States Attorney's Office in Washington.

Kohl stated Barnett left a note and removed a couple of Pelosi's mail.

According to a Department of Justice official, the 60-year-old faces many federal charges involving violent entry, entering and remaining on restricted grounds, and theft of public property.

Spokesperson Joshua Stueve confirmed that the protestor in the U.S. Capitol Hills riot has been arrested in his home state of Arkansas.

His photo went viral and stirred indignation.

The storming of the building was courtesy of a mob of President Donald Trump's supporters.

According to Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Little Rock spokesman Connor Hagan, Barnett turned himself in to FBI agents at the Benton County Sheriff's Office in Bentonville, reported QC Times.

Barnett, who goes by the moniker "Bigo," has upheld white nationalism on Facebook and identified himself as the intruder in House Speaker Pelosi's office to the New York Times.

Kohl stated during a conference call that Barnett was arraigned for entering and staying at a restricted building and grounds without authority. He is also indicted for disorderly conduct and violent entry at the Capitol grounds and for theft of public property or public money.

Photos of Barnett were trending on social media and displayed him casually sitting with his foot on Pelosi's desk. His place of residence and identity became a hot topic of discussion on the internet.

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Denouncement of the photo and the insurgence at the seat of U.S. democracy initiated a harsh backlash against Barnett's hometown of Gravette, remarked Mayor Kurt Maddox. He said on Friday, "Barnett is now in custody of the Federal Bureau of Investigation for a list of pending charges," reported MPR News.

Barnett was seen taking the House Speaker's mail and leaving a quarter on a desk in the office.

Protesters inundated the U.S. Capitol on January 6, interrupting a Congress joint session held to count electoral votes and clinch Joe Biden's presidency.

Barnett was heard boasting about his action of taking personalized envelope of Pelosi's but affirmed he did not steal the item.

He told a New York Times reporter, "I didn't steal it, I bled on it, because they were F-----g mazing me," reported Rokzfast.

Barnett is detained at the Washington County Detention Center in Fayetteville, Arkansas. He was taken into custody without bond pending an initial court appearance. No lawyer is listed for Barnett in online jail records.

Incoming West Virginia delegate Derrick Evans has also been indicted for unlawfully trespassing restricted grounds.

According to a lawyer for the accused, John Bryan, Evans is innocent and that he was not part of the destructive mob that damaged the U.S. Capitol. He added that Evans was exercising his First Amendment rights.

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