After a massive fire scorched their multiple buildings, close to 40 New Yorkers were now left homeless in Queens before the holidays.

The huge six-alarm fire ripped through at least six buildings of Richmond Hill apartments in Queens, as residents watched in devastation and disbelief as the incident destroyed businesses and displaced around 40 individuals.

Based on the reports, the fire erupted at around 1 a.m. on Thursday in the Richmond Hill area in Queens.

According to the officials, the incident started in 'Angel's Beauty Salon' and once the salon was caught flame, the fire spread quickly just within minutes.

Assistant Chief of the New York City Fire Department, John Hodgens shared that the business was closed up and it quickly extended into a common area that runs above the ceiling in these types of old frame structures.

He also added that once it gets in there they have to try to get ahead of it.

At least three firefighters suffered minor injuries out of more than 200 firefighters who responded to the area, while no civilians were reportedly suffered any injury.

The fire incident took 3 hours to contain, but in just a limited time, it creates sufficient damage to destroy 6 buildings. Aside from at least 40 residents who have been left homeless, some businesses were also now out of service due to the fire.

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A resident shared that he was sleeping when his wife woke him up, and upon realizing what is happening, he immediately took his kids outside.

Another resident, Indira Sukhram shared that she felt like screaming and crying.

According to CBS New York, Sukhram shared that she was awake at the time the fire broke out around 1 a.m. on the first floor of the two-story building on Jamaica Avenue.

She also mentioned that she heard a noise and rushed out but she left behind everything that she owns, which includes her pets, her two cats.

Sukhram also added that she thought maybe they can go in and salvage something by getting back, however, she stated that everything is covered, burned, and destroyed by the fire.

She said that it is terrible as they are homeless persons with nothing.

On the other hand, fortunately, her family and other neighbors are safe and they boarded an MTA bus to avoid the bitter cold but later on Red Cross was able to find a place for them to stay, Spectrum News New York reported.

Among the displaced residents, Aliou Dialo shared that the important is that they are all alive.

According to the latest information, the cause of the fire remains under investigation, and Jim Carney, the FDNY Battalion Chief, shared that these businesses are going to be displaced as the entire building is currently unhabitable.

FDNY stated that the flames quickly spread to at least five other buildings as it resulted in damages to a doctor's office, a barbershop, and other businesses.

Investigators can be witnessed going in and out of a store at Jamaica Avenue where its inside was charred, Queens Chronicle reported.

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