Prince Charles and Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, have been under condemnation in recent weeks as viewers react to their affair's fictional portrayal in the Netflix drama "The Crown." However, according to a royal expert, the Prince of Wales would never seek to get unfavorable episodes of the series pulled notwithstanding its adverse effects on his public image.

Culture Secretary: 'The Crown' Should Carry Fiction Warning

Staying true to the Queen's mantra to "never complain, never explain" regarding the series, he chooses to ignore the drama's impact on the public perception of him and his wife, Camilla.

The royal pair has recently been under condemnation from trolls on social media platforms who have watched season 4 of "The Crown" upon learning how their relationship began, reported Business Times.

Meanwhile, the United Kingdom's culture secretary has stated the creators behind the television series based on the lives of the royal family need to clarify that the drama is fiction.

"I fear a generation of viewers who did not live through these events may mistake fiction for fact," Oliver Dowden remarked to the Mail.

Britain is currently gripped by its fourth installment and has raised eyebrows for its often scathing portrayal of members of the royal family. The dramatization of the love triangle between Prince Charles, the Princes of Wales, the late Princess Diana, and the Duchess of Cornwall (then Camilla Parker Bowles) has been denounced as "insensitive" by individuals close to the story.

The 4th season is more controversial than previous seasons, as historians and royal watchers criticize the unfavorable portrayal of Prince Charles and Princess Diana's marriage.

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The prince reportedly appears like the villain in his marriage to the late princess. One royal biographer alleged he was depicted as "very much the villain."

Royal author Hugo Vickers denounces the show for one scene that he remarked suggested Princess Diana's death was a "murderous hit" by Prince Philip. The scene displays a conversation between the princess and the Duke of Edinburgh that took place in 1990. She tells him that she is in a "dark, loveless cave," where she is in a dire need to "break away."

According to Vickers, "I have watched each passing episode of 'The Crown' with mounting horror and have dissected all 40 episodes in books charting the untruths the series contain. From the outset, 'The Crown' has been full of not merely inaccuracies but clear and deliberate departures from the truth. Prince Philip's treatment by the producers is particularly disgraceful," reported The News International.

When season 4 of the show was released earlier this month, the world abruptly remembered all the messy history of Prince Charles and Camilla's relationship.

According to royal author Penny Junor, the lead characters in the Netflix hit have mainly been "distorted for dramatic effect."

The British culture minister is expected to write to the streaming service this week to express his view. A spokesman pointed out to The Hollywood Reporter that it was reported that "The Crown" is a drama rooted in actual events.

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