Bryan and Candela both underwent chemotherapy sessions for cancer in the same hospital. While expecting that the disease will change their life, neither of them expected that it would lead to their love life. 

It is common for us to long for the feeling of love. Those feelings of tenderness and overwhelming sweetness given by your partner's act of service and words of affirmation are the feelings most people will never take for granted. The feeling of being loved gives someone hope, and having someone as a shoulder to rely on in an intimate aspect is something that we want.

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However, love can also make us feel guilty and unwanted. That is true for false love, or those kinds that are made only just for a specific purpose, for money, as primary reason or other benefits or advantages that the other partner may offer. Love moves in mysterious ways, as according to a song by Fordham. Sometimes it manifests in a way neither of us imagined. 

Take this story, for example, a meeting between a man and a woman who both suffered the terror of cancer. Cancer is an incurable disease. Having it will make one question if there is any hope left. It also obviously affects the relationship between a couple. Couples with one of them who has cancer can affect their relationship. Their roles will change, and most of them have a hard time adjusting to it. Most of them suffer from anxiety and extreme sadness.

However, what if they became a couple while suffering from cancer

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Bryan worked as a racecar engineer and was finishing his studies for medical engineering when he was first diagnosed with cancer after developing a cough caused by a huge mass in his chest. 

A similar experience happened with Cande as the cancer was just made known to them after discovering that the swollen lymph node, which has not shrunk, was a Stage II Hodkin's Lymphoma. Discovering cancer at any time in your life can make you feel hopeless and miserable. 

Having their first chemotherapy session was the worst experience for both of them. Their changing image and lifestyle for an unknown period slowly unfold in front of them. Unbeknownst to them, they were patients of the same doctor and started to know each other when a fellow patient invited them to a WhatsApp group for hospital patients. Since then, they have spent time chatting and talking with each other. Having one another on their side helped them to recover from cancer. 

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Unfortunately, after some time, Cande relapsed. However, Bryan provided the non-medical treatment she much needed at that time. Bryan made sure that he will always be there at every stage of the treatment to assure Cande that everything will be okay and she will always be beautiful, no matter how many chemo sessions she had gone through. Now, the two are past their cancer experience and have recovered, and even though they would like to get married and have a family, they were focused on helping and inspiring other cancer patients.