If Joe Biden does become the next one in office, despite the recent poll cheating events, Trump has said that his march to the Oval Office might be on the same day as Biden's inauguration, the self-made businessman turned president said.

According to the daily beast, if President Trump loses his bid to get the electoral returns flipped is getting close. He will make a splash on the day Biden is officially the winner.

 It is the report according to the Daily Beast as Trump supporters fear the time grows shorter.

Reported sources were three people who were privy to the conversations, told the outlet of the president's plans. Brought up with his confidants and advisers, said the sources.

Specifically, two sources close to Trump said the POTUS is creating excitement about an event related to a 2024 presidential run. To be done on inauguration week or the ex-VPs inauguration day, should efforts to save the election for many fail, reported The Hill.

 No comment was obtained as the White House and Reelections at the moment.

 Another outlet Bloomberg last Thursday reported the same thing as the Daily Beast, indicating that Harris and Biden will not see the last of him. If they sweep the mess of the 2020 Elections under the rug and their denial that more voted for him. President Trump was able to rally the votes of blacks and Latinos compared to anyone before him.

 A poll done by the Seven Letter Insight has seen that 66% of Republican voters want President Trump to run in 2024 and vote for him. In separate Morning Consult-Politico found more undeniable proof that 54% will be backing him up in a 2024 primary. All those polls were for the GOP president.

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The media reported his decision not to concede to Biden. President Trump, with his reasons, is within his rights. When he won in 2016, the DEMS never accepted it. Another is the mounting evidence of massive election fraud using harvested mail-ballots and the use of shady election software and machines. The president has won 18 electoral votes in Ohio.

The incumbent said that nothing is sure of what comes next. He has doubts that the ex-VP, who had so many gaffes, could get 80 million votes. Adding that 74 million votes were for him, some got tossed by DEMS and allied electoral personnel.

It is a fact that the president has appealed to go through legal challenges in places like battleground states that had questionable electoral procedures. But despite the testimonies and proofs, they were ignored by the courts. Last Friday, the 3rd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals dismissed the request to stop certifying the Pennsylvania election result. Biden won because of that ruling.

 Before the transition process in the White House began, the General Services Administration was under fire from the Biden team for not starting the Transition. As said before, Biden is not yet the winner until declared by the proper body. The Chief of the GSA, in a statement, decided on the rules. Later, President Trump gave a tweet to start the process. For sure, whatever goes down during Biden's Inauguration, the president will make sure that 2024 is marked on the ex-VPs mind.

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