A woman from England was arrested and taken into police custody after destroying liquor bottles at a supermarket in Britain on November 25. The entire incident was caught on video.

Woman goes berserk

The incident happened at a supermarket that is located in Stevenage, England. According to the New York Post, the unidentified woman was accused of shattering 500 liquor bottles at the establishment.

A video clip of the incident was posted on Twitter, and it shows a woman smashing the bottles without interruption. The aisle floor was almost completely covered in broken glass. According to the New York Post, the woman caused more than $100,000 in damages.

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An eyewitness told The Sun that the woman did not say a word the whole time she smashed the bottles. She just had a very vacant look on her face.

The Daily Mail reported that police responded to the scene after they received a call on November 25. The woman was detained after having the wounds on her hands caused by the shattered bottles treated at a hospital.

Similar incident

In September 2020, a similar incident happened at another supermarket in Surrey, England. A woman smashed wine bottles on the floor after she refused to comply with the store's COVID-19 policy.

The woman was captured in CCTV footage smashing dozens of wine bottles. She became furious after a supermarket staff member asked her to follow a one-way system to help customers follow social distancing in the establishment.

In the CCTV footage, the woman screamed at the store's staff before dashing up an aisle to lay waste to the wine shelves. She also sent dozens of bottles flying, smashing on the floor, leaving a trail of glass shards and a pool of alcoholic liquid.

After she left the store, she immediately ran against the plastic partition that guarded the checkout workers and shouted that she had done nothing wrong.

The incident happened at a branch of a Co-op supermarket, and it was during the U.K. lockdown peak in May. The incident was made public in September due to the supermarket bosses' growing concern at the surge of abuse their staff face because of COVID-19 restrictions on social distancing.

The restrictions caused conflict with some shoppers who resent being challenged by shop workers and those who do not want to follow the protocols.

The CEO of Co-op Food, Jo Whitfield, said that the country's shop workers are heroes and are important key workers. The shop workers played a very vital role in giving communities across the U.K. access to food, financial services, goods, prescriptions, and medication.

Whitfield added that it is not a part of their job to face a torrent of verbal or physical abuse, and they want the government to do their part in introducing legislation that will make shop workers feel safer when they go to work.

Supermarkets and retailers are all backing the legislation discussed in Parliament in September, as it will create tougher penalties for assault on shop workers.

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