A manhunt for a convicted felon identified as the main suspect in the killings of three people whose remains were found at two separate properties in San Luis Valley last week was launched by the Colorado Bureau of Investigation, Wednesday.

The suspect identified as Adre Jordan Baroz, is also known to the authorities as "Psycho." Baroz hails from the town of Sanford, situated near the hamlet of Los Sauces in Conejos County.

A homicide warrant has been issued as the authorities continue to search for the 26-year-old suspect. Baroz has a criminal record in Colorado where he was charged with assaulting a police officer, theft, and attempted escape.

According to the CBI, just last week, skeletal remains of three people were discovered in separate properties in a former 19th-century stagecoach stop just outside the city of Alamosa, and in a rural community in Los Sauces or Lasauces, Fox News reported.

At least four law enforcement agencies are currently working with the state investigators in the manhunt for Baroz. A task force is also set to be formed between the state agencies and law enforcement in the bordering agricultural regions of New Mexico.

As of the moment, the remains have not yet been identified. According to Monte Vista police chief, George Dingfelder, the identification of the remains may take weeks or months, and as of the moment, they are still unable to verify the sex, and age of the remains, as well as the length of time the remains were at the property.

Meanwhile, Police Chief Ken Anderson of Alamosa has stated that Baroz has been considered by the authorities as armed and dangerous. Thus, he has advised that any sighting should be immediately reported to law enforcement.

Aside from the charges connected to the killings, Baroz also faces open criminal cases including possession of a deadly weapon and drug charges.

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According to Daily Mail, during a Zoom press conference, Anderson stated that their main goal is to keep the community safe.

Moreover, CBI Deputy Director John Camper emphasized the urgency of taking Baroz into custody.

"Our priority is to get him into custody and identify the remains," Camper stated.

According to Dingfelder, they were able to procure a search warrant for the Las Sauces property where they found the initial remains, after which they searched nearby properties where they found the rest of the remains. He also noted that authorities are continuing their search on the second property to make sure that they gather all the evidence.

Upon the initial announcement of the discoveries on Tuesday, the CBI stated that the case is unlikely to be related to the current case of Suzanne Morphew's disappearance but they are also considering the possibilities, ABC News reported.

Just last week, the authorities renewed calls which had information about the disappearance of 49-year-old, Morphew, who was a mother to two daughters. Morphew has been missing for six months and authorities still do not have any leads on her possible whereabouts.

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