If you've ever had the absolute displeasure of not being paid by debtors, then you probably know it's a lot of work trying to get them to pay. There's paperwork involved, and you have to stay up to date and contact them regularly. Let's be honest - if you're a business owner, it's just more stress you don't need! That's why a collection agency (Dutch: incassobureau) can help you out. Instead of spending all your precious time doing everything yourself, you can now rely on an agency that knows what it's doing. In this article, we give 3 good reasons why hiring a collection agency is worth it. 

1. They know all the laws and regulations

No matter how mad you get at a debtor, you can't just go knocking on their door and demanding your money. Unfortunately, collecting debts is quite heavily regulated, and if you want to collect outstanding debts yourself, you need to catch up on the do and don'ts of debt collection. If you work with an agency, you minimize the risks of legal issues because they know the ins and outs of debt collection (Dutch: incasso). For instance, did you know that you have to document all your steps in case you need to take your debtor to court? This can be quite a lot of work if you do this next to your full-time job. Luckily for you, this is just one of the daily tasks the employees of the agency do! 

2. They can contact your debtor easier 

Contacting your debtor seems easy enough - until it seems like they've fallen off the face of the earth. Sometimes debtors do the utmost to be hard to contact, such as changing contact information. They hope that you get annoyed and give up. But did you know that collection agencies have a lot more tools than you have? They can, for instance, access all kinds of databases full of information on your debtor. This way, they can track your debtor down easier than you could have done yourself. 

3. Giving the work to someone else allows you to focus more

If you have a lot of work to do, it's great when you can focus 100 percent and not have that tiny, nagging voice in the back of your head that reminds you you need to contact your debtor or check whether they've paid yet. When you hire a collection agency, you can let go of that stress and focus on what really matters: your business. We recommend that you choose a 'no cure, no pay'-agency, an agency you only have to pay when they're successful in collecting your money. That way, you know they'll give it their all! You can easily Google an agency close to you by adding your city name to your Google search. For instance, Google 'incassobureau Groningen', and you'll be able to read all the reviews in Groningen. We hope you'll find a good agency!