Being a vegetarian in the United States may seem difficult and complicated since Americans are known for their love for meats, but lately there have been numerous restaurants all across the country that serves plant-based burgers and other delicious dishes meant for the lifestyle.

If you are thinking about switching and looking for restaurants where you can still dine out and hang out with your friends or family, you can check out the list of the best places for vegetarians.

Blossoming Lotus in Portland, Oregon

Blossoming Lotus is a small, elegant destination for vegetarians and has been in the business for decades amid the strip malls and chain restaurants of Portland's Lloyd District.

You can try their amazing dishes like the chickpea chana masala curry and a bibimbap with peanut soy curls. The restaurant get massive marks for culling flavors from its Asian influences.

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Blossoming Lotus also has house-made "cheeses" that are rich and creamy enough and perfect for vegans. You can order their mac & cheese with herb breadcrumbs. Their smoothies and smoothie bowls are incredible, no wonder the business was able to survive this long.

Bouldin Creek Cafe in Austin, Texas

Bouldin Creek Cafe has Austin vegans hooked on their vegan chorizo. This popular plant-based diner and coffee house offer hearty soul food plate with beans and maple-braised collards with hunk of vegan cornbread, a massaman curry bowl studded with mushrooms and zucchini.

They also offer Italian riff of fajitas and vegan desserts like pear gingerbread upside down cake and blueberry lavender pie that you can match with their delicious coffee.

Bulan Thai in Los Angeles, California

Bulan Thai is a beloved restaurant in L.A and it is a must-try spot whether you are a vegan or not. It has a meatless menu that won't compromise the taste.

The restaurant is known for having an attentive staff. They also take traditional Thai dishes and turn them into bold and delicious vegetized versions that still manage to pack the same flavor. You can try their soy Thai iced teas, juicy deep-fried veggie hot wings and chicken pad see-ew.

Bunna Cafe in Brooklyn, New York

Bunna Cafe offers Ethiopian cuisine with an entirely vegan menu. Treat yourself with a spread of nine veggie-based dishes like shiro and misir wot that is heaped onto injera flatbread. You can also enjoy their seasonal special in the mix, and it will give you some incentive to return.

Ground Control in Chicago, Illinois

Ground Control has built up a following in recent years largely on the strength of their satisfying sandwiches like their take on Jibarito, a vegified take on the Puerto Rican sandwich which houses homemade seitan, onion, poblano, garlic, greens, American cheese and garlic mayo between smashed plantains.

Their vegan po-boy is stuffed with juicy and battered portabello nuggets that give a satisfying base for pickled red onions, spicy greens and garlicky aioli. They also have Nashville hot tofu with garlic smashed potatoes and beer-braised kale that you will surely love, whether you are a vegan or not.

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