Photos of the soon-to-be-married couple wearing "Money Heist" uniforms caught the public's attention on social media.

In the photographs, Andrew Rolio, 28, and Inez Jade Quial, 28, were donning the Salvador Dalí masks and iconic red jumpsuits while carrying fake guns as they recreated scenes from the Netflix series.

The photoshoot was headed by Filipino photographer Hafid Caballes. It was held at the Temple of Leah in Cebu City, Philippines. The temple bears a resemblance to the Royal Mint of Spain, where the show's armed robbery occurs.

The theme was chosen with the idea to make the prenuptial shoot a fun one. It took place on November 9, reported Sugbo.

The staged shoot's concept may appear to be over-the-top for some people. However, a prenup photoshoot often gets a couple comfortable in front of the camera and tests the waters with their selected wedding photographer. 

The couple from the Philippines had gone viral when their pre-wedding shoot photographs surfaced on Facebook.

In contrast to traditional, romantic photoshoots, Rolio and Quial opted for an action-packed prenup. This reportedly proves their love for the Netflix series.

Caballes and the PIDOGRAPHY team incorporated the famous Spanish robbery series in their pre-wedding photoshoot.

Long before the engagement, the pair knew they would like to do something different for their pre-wedding photographs.

According to Rolio, "I always wanted an out of this world theme. I don't really like the usual romantic, dreamy vibes for a prenup shoot because I think that there will be more of that 'theme' during the actual wedding itself."

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The people behind the successful prenuptial shoot are Carlo Abaquita for coordination, Geof Lagria as a stylist, Life in Motion Cebu for the video, Pidography for photography, and Michael Nacis for HMUA.

While wedding day photos would most likely be the most important for couples, prenup photos are a close second. The couple would want to encapsulate their excitement in engagement sessions and capture that for a lifetime.

The prenup photos have since garnered thousands of shares on Facebook. They were also shared by Netflix.

Among the re-enacted scenes are the raining of paper bills from the sky.

Most of the Filipino Money Heist fans lauded the creative photoshoot of the couple.

Initially, Rolio suggested a "Bonnie and Clyde" theme, but Quial has not watched the film. 

Rolio remarked, "One day, while I was watching Netflix, an idea came to mind about having a Netflix-inspired prenup. And of all, my favorite Netflix movies and series, 'Money Heist,' stood out."

According to Caballes, "My favorite photo was the one shot in front of the building with money flying around the couple. It is my favorite shot as it depicts victory. It also captured the couple's raw emotion of their success. Another reason as to why I chose that photo as my favorite is because the building's appearance looked a lot like the one in the series. So in one picture, the whole concept of the shoot was summarized," reported The Philippine Star.

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