The "world's first anal birth" became widely trending in the internet after reports of a gay couple successfully giving birth to a child circulated.

On August 30, 2020, an article was published by the World New Daily Report about a gay couple in Los Angeles, California, who had taken part in the first "anal birth" that happened in history, after a successful transplant of a woman's ovaries into a man.

After a rectal-ovary transplant was performed under the supervision of a doctor named Dr. Peter Krisnawasti at the California Hospital Medical Center's surgery department in Los Angeles, the couple has given natural anal birth to an 8.2-pound healthy baby.

The LGBTQ community worldwide has accepted the news of the world's first rectal birth wholeheartedly as the groundbreaking medical procedure could allow numerous couples facing fertility challenges to procreate.

James Bent, 37 years old, has received the ovaries donated by his sister Leila Bent, 32 years old, which were successfully transplanted into his rectum and allowed him to make a world record as the first man to give a rectal birth.

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Bent was quoted by the article saying he was grateful to his sister, and to God, for making the world's first anal birth a success, not only for their family but could also be a reality for the millions of male same-sex couples who wished to follow their path.

On the published article, images of the same-sex couple together with their first-born baby, and Dr. Peter Krisnawasti, who was mentioned claiming the revolutionary medical procedure will not only be of help to male same-sex couples but also to those heterosexual couples where the male partner would want to experience being pregnant for himself, were presented.

According to fact-checking site,, the reported event was not a truthful recounting of real-life happenings. The article arose with a site that expounds its outputs as being funny or sarcastic in nature.

WNDR presumed all responsibility for the sarcastic nature of its published articles, and for the fictitious nature of their content. All the characters who appeared in the articles of the website are entirely fictional, even those based on real people, and any comparability between them and any persons, be it living, dead, or undead was completely a miracle.

Other signs that the published article was fabricated could be observed in the images used by the website. The image showing a doctor who was said to be Dr. Krisnawasti was captured at California Hospital Medical Center, revealing Dr. Samir Kapadia who is from the Cleveland Clinic.

Moreover, the image showing a couple carrying their baby was said to be taken in June 2014, by Linda Foster, baby and family photographer. The photo showed Toronto, Ontario, couple BJ Barone and Frank Nelson embracing their newborn son Milo, who was born by a surrogate mother.

Notwithstanding the fact that the World News Daily Report website has included a disclaimer as to the supposedly satirical nature of the website's content, the article was eventually republished by some other sites that do not carry the label and failed to reveal to their audience that the story emerged began on a self-styled humorous site.

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