Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden is now leading Pennsylvania by 20,000 votes as of November 6, cutting President Trump's numbers. He has climbed back after being down more than 600,000 votes in the swing state.

Joe Biden is now leading the swing state

According to the numbers recorded by NBC News, Joe Biden now trails President Trump by just 18,229 votes, with millions of ballots still left to count. Biden has been winning the late ballots by a massive margin and is expected to take the lead.

Biden's vote percentage in Pennsylvania has rallied more than two days after polls in the state closed on the evening of November 4, increasing because of mail-in ballots that have heavily favored the former vice president.

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If Joe Biden overtakes President Trump and keeps his advantage in Pennsylvania, he will secure his presidential election with a total electoral vote count of 273.

Biden is currently leading in other swing states that have yet to be called by major news organizations, including Nevada and Arizona. Both The Associated Press and Fox News have called Arizona for Joe Biden, but the Trump campaign maintains that he could still win in Arizona.

If Joe Biden wins Pennsylvania, he will have successfully flipped the blue wall states such as Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and Michigan, that President Trump carried in his victory over Hillary Clinton in 2016.

Joe Biden was born and raised in Pennsylvania; he focused his campaign on the state and his hometown in Scranton. On Election Day, he visited his childhood home in the city, and he signed a wall in the house before heading to his campaign headquarters in Delaware.

If President Trump does not win Pennsylvania, he will have no path to reelection.

Biden leads Georgia

Aside from Pennsylvania, Joe Biden is currently leading in Georgia, a stunning turn of events in a known Republican state that President Trump must win to be reelected.

Biden jumped ahead of President Trump around 4:30 a.m. Eastern Standard Time on November 6 and is leading by more than 1,000 votes. His strength in Georgia results from the massive turnout of Black voters in Fulton County and other suburbs around Atlanta.

The counties that supported Biden in Georgia are made up of young and diverse voters, and it took more than a decade to flip the party in the state from Republican to Democrat.

No Democratic presidential nominee had won the state since Bill Clinton back in 1992. Clinton defeated former President George H.W Bush in Georgia because he and Bush were in a three-way race that included independent candidate Ross Perot.

On November 5, the race was tightening dramatically in Georgia, and in Pennsylvania, another swing state that President Trump can't afford to lose if he wants to keep the White House.

The momentum of the presidential race has shifted in Joe Biden's favor, putting him near the threshold of 270 electoral votes needed to become president. He has gotten massive margins among mail-in ballots favored by Democratic voters.

As the shift across the country happened, the allies of President Trump launched legal challenges, and conspiracy theories floated online while the president tweeted to stop the count.

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