Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden was able to defeat President Donald Trump in the state of Connecticut. This victory is widely anticipated as the state has gone for a Democrat in every presidential election since 1992.

Joe Bide wins Connecticut

According to The Associated Press, the state called for Biden shortly after polls closed at 8 p.m. on November 2. Connecticut's seven electoral votes for president are all cast for Biden.

By midnight, Biden held a 13 point lead over President Trump with 119 of the state's 169 towns completely reporting, according to the results that were tabulated by The Associated Press.

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Since the beginning of the presidential campaign, President Trump faced an uphill climb in the state, where Democrats control every statewide and Congressional seat, both chambers of the Connecticut General Assembly and the office of the governor. On October 31, a poll released by Sacred Heart University showed that Biden was leading by 25 points.

Biden was also supported by key Democratic leaders in Connecticut, including Gov. Ned Lamont, who was a vocal supporter of Biden since the beginning.

Many people from Connecticut were vocal about their support for Biden, and many went with their family members and waited in line outside the MacDonough Elementary School in Middletown.

The locals were excited about the election, but they also expressed their worry due to the rumored unrest that might break out across the country in the wake of the final election results. Each state is also preparing for the break out by putting plywood on their stores and barricades on the grounds of their offices.

Support for Biden

The Biden win came on a record-breaking day in the state, with voter registration reaching more than 2.3 million people, including 700,000 new voters since 2016. Nearly 600,000 used an absentee ballot as of November 1, which is a record number of voters.

Sen. Richard Blumenthal called Biden's win a "testament to his team, but also his appeal to Connecticut values and a sense of purpose and an appetite for change for the better."

Senator Blumenthal said that Biden has the kind of comfort level with intellect and integrity that appeals to the people of Connecticut and respect for the rule of law. He added that Biden has stability, empathy, and a sense of responsibility that is needed in the country right now.

Meanwhile, Sen. Chirs Murphey said that while Biden's win in the state was not surprising, it is still gratifying. Murphy said that if Biden wins nationally, he is going to be a friend to Connecticut. Biden knows their state, he knows what they care about, and Murphy thinks Biden can deliver the kind of leadership that they need.

The chairman of the state Republican Party, J.R. Romano, said that it is unfortunate that so many people ignored the gaffes of Biden. Still, he would not call his victory in Connecticut surprising.

Gary Rose, a professor of political science at Sacred Heart University in Fairfield, said that he was not surprised by Biden's win in the state.

Rose said that Connecticut has transitioned over the years into a blue state, the Republican party is not completely gone there, but they are down to 20 percent.

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