Despite the chaos that the agriculture industry has had with the China trade war and the pandemic. Farmers will be voting for Trump because he has proven to deliver his promises, not a flip-flop. Many farmers backing the president are hoping for a turnaround in a second term.

The president's trade wars with markets that were the most prominent were affected negatively as the price of farm products. Even his policies in ethanol drew negative criticism from corn growers. When the coronavirus hit the US, it drove the current administration into dire straits, reported the Hill.

The president and the farmers have not always seen eye to eye; he still has a good chance of getting farm votes in the coming elections and win their vote.

Tim Burrack said that he lost a lot under him; next came COVID-19 that made it worse. He farms corn and soybeans in Iowa; he's not voting for the other party.

Concerns over defunding the police, immigration, and the liberal policies are against the media narrative against the GOP President. The DEMS pushed to vote the sitting POTUS, despite thinking he'd support another candidate. That's one vote for Trump.

He added despite what the liberals try to tell the farmers about trade deficits; it will be how everything is taken to perspective. Lastly, he said the president had a better grasp of the more important facts close to everyone.

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Daryl Haack, a corn and soybean farmer near Primghar, Iowa, has thought the same way. He chose the GOP candidate because of abortion and socialism, which was not farming. He chose Trump. Trade wars are not beneficial for business, and it did hurt farmers. It was a hard choice to counter China.

He did vote for the present GOP incumbent and said that the president did what he had to do. China is exploiting American farmers; it is felt by those who voted for him in 2016.

Farmers voting for Trump is not the best and not 100%. At best from 2016, despite this, he still has their support.

A survey by the agriculture information service DTN in August conducted on 500-people shows that support for the incumbent holds 71% from 89% from April, cited Bloomberg.

In this coming November 3 election, those numbers will mean a lot when it comes to swing states like Minnesota and Iowa. These destinations are significant places before election day when Iowa was with the GOP candidate in 2016. Minnesota lost to Clinton by 2% of the vote.

Tim Dufault, a wheat farmer in Crookston, Minnesota, has this to say about the incumbent. He said the affair was a disaster that affected many farmers, and the president will not win. He cites a group of farmers who don't chafe at the tariffs and harm on agriculture. They say China is crooked and unfair to US trade, and that's why the trade war happens. He's voting for Joe Biden.

On November 3, farmers voting for Trump will do so because they believe in the country first.

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