The ongoing criticism of China by U.S. President Donald Trump is reflective of the hostile engagement of America, pointing to China as the source of the coronavirus. Now is the time to decide where the China-U.S. trade war goes.

President Trump is at the cross-roads and how the China-US trade wa' will be shelved until the coronavirus crisis is alleviated sooner. America and China are now at odds despite both countries affected by the virus.

The present administration should wade through several options and decide two options, one is most advantageous and the other should be thought over. But, the whole point is to give the U.S. a win-win.

The options

One key threat faced by all nations today is the coronavirus, everyone must make sure the economy is robust to keep everything afloat in this period. Most nations like the U.S. and China are in lockdowns, both are very affected by it now, but the virus is the chief concern. Both are in an induced coma and neither are recovering in the soonest time.

It is okay, but not likely.

Next is to tell the world that the United States has triumphed and with good reason.

More than anything, this coronavirus or COVID-19 pandemic came at a time when China is at its lowest economic ebb in the last decades.

Step one is lifting trade tariffs by the Trump administration, on the condition China will accede to the same conditions without blinking at it. Next are the two things that will follow next.

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Soybeans and American oil with other products made in America, to buoy up the losses incurred by American producers will be a win-win for U.S. export.

China will once again buy U.S.-made products which is good for the economic drives by President Trump.

China is resuming trade and kickstarting its economy, after two months of closing down. One of these reasons is the coronavirus first reported in January and the Chinese New Year.

One other alternative move is that America will not buy from China. Whether it is final or not, it depends on how the Trump administration gets all advantages. The COVID-19 virus has caused a standstill in the US economy, but things need to get better.

It might be the best move for President Trump to declare a victory over mainland China, all because of his grit and determination.

Conversely, mainland China is eager to declare the U.S. in any victory. China lacks the capacity for some needs and they are willing to deal especially if they can get key products.

Supporters for a trade war are willing to do it with China hobbled despite saying they won.

Whatever President Trump U.S. policy will on the current China-US trade war, the outcome is yet to be seen. What is at stake is the US soybean crop this season too.

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