The Bitcoin Cryptocurrency is going through a phase through which it has passed last time in the year 2017. The outcome of this phase is a drastic upward shift in the rates of Bitcoin cryptocurrency that is reaching up to the levels of maximum tolerance.

Once the tolerance level will be crossed the next thing will be a bull market Euphoria and ultimately a downsloping of the rates of Bitcoin cryptocurrency. This has been happening for a long time. Whenever a currency reaches above the resistance levels it ultimately comes down. Now in this whole situation, the most affected entities are Experts as well as New traders who have been investing the Bitcoin Cryptocurrency for keeping up their game.

This extensive increase in the rates of Bitcoin currency in the last 4 months has impacted the novice and pro traders in an entirely different way thus the response from both sides is also quite different.

Newbie VS Pro traders:

In any race of life, experts are always reluctant to take risks and make very calculated and smart moves. They see every situation in the long run and never look at the term benefits of the whole situation. While those who are new, always look for shortcuts and they never realize what's going to happen in the long run. They are always interested in easy money in a pretty short duration of time.

The same statement is applied to novice vs pro traders. When the rates of bitcoins started increasing rapidly, the expert level traders got a click of future risk and stepped back once at all. While the novice traders on the other hand were in a mouth-watering situation to see the daily increasing rates of the bitcoin cryptocurrency. They took this opportunity as a lucky charm and got their money invested with Bitcoin Cryptocurrency. 

They only focused on the short goals of the increasing rates of the cryptocurrency and didn't focus much on the long-term goals of this drastic increase in the rates of digital cryptocurrency. Out of all the traders, a very few are smart enough to realize that the pricing uptrend is not Gold. They are not running behind the quick investments without seeing the consequences, To learn more about the moves of expert-level traders go check Bitcoin storm trading website.

FOMO game:

Fear of missing out in the race of trading benefits and profits has hypnotized the new traders. When they saw the rates of bitcoins between the range of 11,000 US dollars and 13,000 US dollars, they got excited and grabbed this opportunity to make a quick and huge amount of money.

What they didn't realize was the upcoming time of Market Euphoria which is the ultimate end of bitcoin cryptocurrency rates increasing at this pace. The exploding rates of Bitcoin Cryptocurrency attracted them. 

But on the other hand, Expert level traders are well aware of this whole game of FOMO. They know that the worst is yet to come. They have experience of the past many years and they can see what novice traders can not see. They are dealing with this FOMO impacted situation of bitcoins in a very smart way. Even many of the expert level traders are still unaware of the whole situation.

What they didn't know is that not every opportunity is a good opportunity and sometimes investing with greed can lead to some inevitable circumstances. 

In the last few hours, the liquidation rate of the Bitcoin cryptocurrency has reached the level of 350 million US dollars and this number can not be neglected at all. The resistance level is already being reached. The smart move of expert-level traders is being appreciated by critics and analysts.

Bottom Line:

Funneling this above-mentioned theory it can be stated that the Digital cryptocurrency rates are increasing above the level of the safe zone. They are at the edge of inducing Market Euphoria that can be a very freaking out situation. In this scenario, the only trader who will survive in the best position will be the one who will critically analyze the whole situation himself. When the rates of bitcoins started increasing the expert level traders got a hint of the upcoming situation and stepped back once at all. On the other hand,, the novice traders were in a mouth-watering situation to see such a rapid and huge increase in the rates of Bitcoin Cryptocurrency. They got in the trans of FOMO situation and started investing with the Bitcoin cryptocurrency. What they didn't realize was that their investments were worsening the situation more and more.