Thomas Edison believed in the afterlife and set to make a device to communicate past life and deaths' door. The Spirit Phone that uses science to talk to the dead, not just a crackpot idea.

In 1920, America experienced the horror of the 1st world war, where men died in the trenches-looking for ways to speak to those long gone with Ouija board, spiritism, and even devices made for peculiar things like chatting up the dead. 

Edison created a paranormal tool, then in progress to contact that past life, reported Reliable Plant.

The Spirit Phone device is supposed to call and talk to the dead as a disembodied consciousness. It provoked the fascination of the public, especially his status as an inventor, somewhat clashed. Everyone wanted to know about the phone which can reach the dead.

 Every prominent paper and magazine in the US wanted the scoop to see if the invention exists or not. Or if it might be a breakthrough in afterlife communication. One magazine did cover the story about the device and got 600 letters. All these letters were from those interested in the 'Phone' very much.

The letters' contents helped design it, and even say that a working one is already built. One fellow asked how to call from death's door. He expected to die soon and wanted to know how to get from the dead.

Why is Edison's spirit phone so popular then and sensationalized? For one, there is some reason for it.

He was a national hero in the 1920s and quite well known for his accomplishments. Newspapers and magazine reporters were always dropping by to talk, maybe a story or two.

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The Radio was fascinating and very popular as a new form of entertainment later. The concept of information can cross without wires over space and time. Thomas Edison and his spirit phone were the links to reach the dead.

If people can use primitive phones, maybe the dead can use radio to connect. As the founder of GE or General Electric, he devised the phonograph that can record and bring voices of spirits to people.

 According to Gerald Fabris, Museum Curator of Sound Recordings at the Thomas Edison National Historical Park. He said to hear the dead, watch any old movie or history channel, and the dead can be heard again. Recordings saved of those long gone is truly amazing.

 All the hullabaloo over the dead phone is real. But was it ever made or just a hoax?

If the device ever existed, it would be found, but no schematic or prototype has been uncovered. Chances are Edison played a gag on reporters and everyone. No evidence exists if he tried to make it, and no plan or prototype does not mean it's a hoax.

Fabris said that Thomas Edison might have thought of working on the Spirit Phone. He had shown a document that read," There is no expedient to which a man will not resort to avoid the true labor of thinking,' by Sir Joshua Reynolds."

The idea lived on but as hoaxes and fakes by hoodwinkers. Edison might be working on it now.


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