The World Health Organization (WHO) has cautioned against "pandemic fatigue" as the tally of confirmed COVID-19 cases across the globe spikes and hospitals are inundated.

WHO Cautions of 'Pandemic Fatigue

According to WHO Director General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, "Many countries in the northern hemisphere are seeing a concerning rise in cases and hospitalizations. Intensive care units are filling up to capacity in some places, particularly in Europe and North America," reported South China Morning Post.

Police officials in Italy have used tear gas to diffuse angry crowds in Turin and Milan following demonstrations against the most recent round of anti-novel coronavirus measures transformed into brutality.

As the WHO's head persuaded nations "not to give up" in the combat to mitigate the coronavirus, luxury goods shops, were ransacked in the heart of Turin. Crowds of young people took to the streets and let off firecrackers and lighting-colored blaze.

The health agency is urging people across the globe not to give up on tackling COVID-19 as cases surge again. They underscored the need for social distancing, mask-wearing, and other guidelines to alleviate the types of full-scale quarantines imposed earlier this year. According to the WHO chief, he understood the "pandemic fatigue" that some people are feeling and he underscored the requirement to continue measures to contain the virus while there remains to be no cure or vaccine available.

He stated, "Working from home, children being schooled remotely, not being able to celebrate milestones with friends and family or not being there to mourn loved ones - it's tough and the fatigue is real. But we cannot give up. We must not give up," reported Aljareeza.

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The coronavirus is reportedly becoming more aggressive and authorities are ramping up limitations again. This time around, practically everyone is apparently tired.

As of now, COVID-19 has over 1.1 million fatalities worldwide.

According to United States President Donald Trump's chief of staff Mark Meadows, "We're not going to control the pandemic. We are going to control the fact that we get vaccines, therapeutics and other mitigations," contrasting the more fatal COVID-19 to the seasonal flu, reported The Guardian.

In Italy, police officials responded with volleys of teargas and there were also squabbles in Milan, the capital of the neighboring Lombardy region. This is the place that has borne the brunt of the health crisis in Italy.

The crowds chanted "freedom" repeatedly as they confronted the police in the city center.

The WHO chief addressed world leaders to balance the intervening in the lives and livelihoods of their citizens with the need to shield health workers and health systems as intensive care becomes inundated.

Italians are dubious of new curbs after enduring one of the globe's longest quarantine periods. Amid a gloomy outlook for the economy, it is expected to diminish by an estimated 10% this 2020.

Ghebreyesus remarked that if leaders act hastily and purposeful, the virus could be controlled.

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