COVID-19 is transforming how businesses operate throughout the nation. This involves to-go restaurants for our favorite meals. Business owners and customers are being impacted by such changes. It is still unclear when the old eating out experience will return.

COVID-19 has forced popular restaurants and cruise companies to find a new way of serving.

Serving Food

For a restaurant in Australia named "Sizzler," they remain to be an eat-all-you-can. However, it is now the waiters' role to serve hungry patrons. According to Macquarie University marketing professor Jana Bowden, "Yes, I really think this is a case of RIP to the buffet, and I'm afraid frankly the sizzle has come out of Sizzler," reported 9NOW.

With indoor dining seriously inhibited, restaurant operators need to find creative ways to "unbundle" the eating experience and sustain customer loyalty. In the United States, it has been a start-and-stop recuperation for restaurant operators.


Designers are preparing for the new design and interior trend considering the global health crisis. Architects and designers are engaging their learnings of post-novel coronavirus structures in designing their future restaurant projects. 


A hotel that does not have a buffet or minibars would have been unusual. The Coronavirus has changed that concept.

According to Nikita Ramchandani, the Senior Area Director of Operations, South Asia, at Marriott International, a buffet in hotels would not be included soon due to the situation. "Coronavirus has made us revisit many aspects of the hotel room. Like will minibar be a necessity now?" reported The Economic Times.

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Discussions on Restaurant Closures

Plenty of discussions have been made, and speculations shared regarding restaurant closures and COVID-19. Generally, talk of expansion and openings is mounted against a post-pandemic backdrop, reported QSR.

Disruption in the Food Industry

As governments worldwide implement measures to alleviate the prevalence of COVID-19, the food system faces a significant disruption. Hurdles involve travel bans, social distancing measures, restricted transport channels, border closures, and the temporary shutdown of much of the foodservice industry are imposed to overcome.


US restaurants are envisioning ahead when their dining room doors reopen to a world of the new normal. According to owners, parts of this would include disposable menus, physical differences such as masked waiters, or fewer tables so customers could sit farther apart.

Now, restaurants have had to adapt to financially get by, while patrons have needed to be accustomed to new measures and practices.

More Outdoor Seating Options

Takeout is not a new concept for most restaurants. Being heavily reliant on it due to the COVID-19 pandemic may change a large-scale for restaurant owners. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), eradicating the dine-in experience at restaurants and bars contributes to diminishing the risk of germs' prevalence.

Restaurants still need increased revenue coming from in-person diners and not just delivery and takeout orders. In turn, they have gotten creative with outdoor dining options.

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