The United States hit its highest daily tally of novel coronavirus cases since the pandemic began. At least 82,600 new cases emerged and surpassed the earlier record set during the summertime surge across the Sun Belt.

The increase in numbers put the country on the precipice of what could be its worst stretch so far in the pandemic. Some hospitals in the West and Midwest were inundated, and fatalities have begun to increase.

The data was collated by Johns Hopkins University. The total has surpassed the earlier record of over 77,000 cases in mid-July. 

The United States also registered 943 fatalities due to COVID-19 on Friday, reported KERA News.

Daily new-case numbers have increased for five consecutive days. Also, according to Johns Hopkins University's data, since the pandemic began, over 8.49 million confirmed cases have been reported in the United States with over 223,900 fatalities, reported The Wall Street Journal.

The news comes amid other dreary patterns, including increased coronavirus hospitalizations and daily death tolls across the nation. Experts are preempting that the worst is yet to come.

According to United States Surgeon General Dr. Jerome Adams, on Friday, admissions to hospitals have risen to 75 percent of the jurisdictions across the United States, and officials are concerned an increase in fatalities will ensue after a few weeks, reported CNN.

The current surge is more prevalent than the uptick witnessed on July 17 when mere four states contributed to the estimated 40,000 cases recorded.

The tallies matter as experts caution that the United States faces big trouble leading up to the winter months.

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Although hospital admission numbers are increasing, mortality rates are diminishing due to better patient care.

The news comes as pharmaceutical giants AstraZeneca and Johnson & Johnson undertake vaccine trials following the go signal from regulators.

Over 42 million confirmed COVID-19 cases had been recorded across the globe.

On the previous day, 71,671 cases were recorded in the United States.

The current wave is relatively more prevalent than last summer and spring's surge. The unprecedented geographic prevalence of the current uptick makes it more damaging. Experts are cautioning; it may lead to dire shortages of health workers and supplies.

The average number of hospital admissions has increased in at least 38 states over the past week. The trend cannot be explained by more prevalent testing.

Fourteen states have recorded new increases in confined COVID-19 patients in the past week: Nebraska, Kentucky, Oklahoma, Ohio, Tennessee, South Dakota, Wisconsin, Wyoming, Iowa, Utah, Montana, West Virginia, Missouri, and Kansas.

Hospitals are already reporting shortages of necessary drugs essential in treating the respiratory illness that has ravaged the world. It is not merely a matter of increased testing, recording more cases. The number of national fatalities has crested over 1,000 for the past few days.

COVID-19 cases have been spiking in the United States since mid-September. New outbreaks are emerging in many states.

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