In order to raise money for the treatment of his son and for other children suffering from cancer, a father from Ohio ran around the hospital that provides care for his son. 

On October 17, Kolt Codner, who hails from Poland, Ohio ran 26.2 miles in order to honor Akron Children's Hospital for helping his son through his battle against cancer and to raise enough funds for his four-year-old son's remaining 26 months in the hospital. 

Early in May, the hospital called Codner and his wife Tristan to inform them that their son, Andrew, already has a bed waiting for him at the oncology and hematology unit of the hospital. 

The call comes after a simple visit to Andrew's pediatrician after getting a swollen face ended with him being diagnosed with a common childhood cancer known as acute lymphoblastic leukemia.

According to CNN, Codner stated that his run is his way of showing appreciation to the staff of the hospital that turned a supposed traumatic experience, such as the treatment of cancer, into something that his young kid was able to bravely face. 

He also added that the people inside the hospital have taken something which is initially noted as scary and terrifying and turned it into a badge of honor for the patients. Thus, he stated that he could not think of any other way to show his appreciation than to use his time and efforts to raise funds for the children in the hospital.

Moreover, he added that he wants every child suffering from cancer to have access to the amazing health care and experience his son had. 

The race that Codner participated in is part of the FirstEnergy Akron Marathon, Half Marathon & Team Relay, a virtual event that replaced the annual marathon in the hospital that was not pushed through due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

According to the guidelines of the said virtual marathon, the participants may run at any pace or location. However, Codner decided to run around the hospital in order to spotlight the work that they have done. 

On the day of his run, Codner's friends and family were present outside the hospital to cheer him on. His run took about 5 hours and 35 laps around the vicinity. He was wearing running shoes with his son's name written on top as motivation, Casper Star Tribune reported.

Before finishing the race, Codner's son was even able to run with him on the last lap across the finish line. 

After his run, Codner has raised over $13,000 on donations which is more than ten times his initial goal which is $1,000 dollars. The hospital has even expanded its window for donations until the 30th of November.

Due to Codner's efforts, one of the pediatric oncologists who have treated Andrew, Dr. MEgan Sampson praised their family. 

Dr. Sampson stated that she was really amazed about how such a thing came into the mind of a father despite the scary time that his family has gone through. She also thanked him for the attention that the hospital gained due to his efforts.