Authorities arrested a 19-year-old man in May after a stockpile of weapons and explosive devices were found on his white van, which he abandoned at the parking lot of a bank in Kannapolis in North Carolina. 

This information was revealed in recent court filings against Alexander Hillel Treisman, who was also charged with owning child pornography materials in September.

Authorities also found that after posting a meme online saying, "should I kill Joe Biden?" he reportedly moved about four miles towards the residence of former Vice President Joe Biden.

The discovery of the weapons on Treisman's van resulted in a civil complaint by the U.S. Court for the Middle District of North Carolina.

Federal prosecutors claimed that policemen noted firearms such as an AR-15 type of rifle, an explosive material vial, and other ammunition crates. 

According to the civil complaint, they have discovered over $500,000 along with even more weapons and "drawings of swastikas and planes crashing into buildings."

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The authorities and FBI launched an investigation that found that Treisman seemed to have a huge stake in terrorist acts and mass shootings and had gone across the country buying firearms in different states, according to federal prosecutors.

A file named "A Guide to Mass Shooting" had also been uncovered by investigators on Treisman's hard drive, the reports state. On a cellphone clip, it appears he was near the Mandalay Bay Casino in Las Vegas, which was the location of the worst shooting incident in the existence of modern America, saying: "That's the one, that's where they did it ... nice."

Officers also discovered on Treisman's computers that he uploaded a meme, in April, with the description, "Should I kill Joe Biden?" According to the court lawsuit, this was accompanied by a series of web searches in May, wherein he searched details about Biden's current address, state gun regulations, including night-vision goggles, the criminal complaint said.

Moreover, the FBI discovered "a total of 1,248 videos and 6,721 images of child pornography content ... in addition to 637 videos and images of child pornography containing sadism and/or masochism content," according to the court lawsuit.

The court lawsuit further stated that authorities also noticed how he had driven within four miles of Biden's home to a Wendy's diner and even "wrote a checklist note ending with 'execute.'"

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On May 28, as per federal investigators, Kannapolis police detained Treisman. The lawsuit stated that there was a prison house conversation involving Treisman and his mother, Kimberly Treisman, a day following his arrest, "in which she suggests that he should 'jump bail.'"

Moreover, the lawsuit noted that Treisman seemed to have no prior criminal history and that his attorney told the FBI that he had been identified with Asperger's syndrome at age 12.

However, in his initial interview with police officers, he dismissed claims that he has any psychological problems.

At his initial hearing on October 2, Treisman pleaded not guilty to the child pornography allegations. 

As per the arrest order, he has been kept without bail. It is not entirely apparent why additional federal offenses apart from the possession of child pornography have still not been filed against Treisman.

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