Chicago, IL - Former police Superintendent Eddie Johnson faces a lawsuit for the alleged sexual assault of a Chicago police officer.

The lawsuit was filed after the officer was found asleep behind the wheel of the former chief's SUV the same night when they were out for drinking.

Chicago police officer Cynthia Donald filed the lawsuit in Cook County Circuit Court. The suit claimed that the former police superintendent erased all the cellphone evidence about their relationship despite the ongoing investigation on the movements of Johnson that night.

According to Yahoo! News, the lawsuit of Donald contains alleged information regarding the sexual harassment made by Johnson. Donald also claimed that Johnson pressured her into engaging in sexual acts with him. He even sent nude photos of himself to her during 2016 and 2019 after he assigned her to his detail and then as his driver.

Donald also mentioned one incident where she was forced by Johnson onto a coach and pulled her pants down without any consent and directly engaged in a sexual act.

After doing so, Johnson allegedly told her that she should know where she belongs.

According to the lawsuit, Superintendent Johnson used his authority and power over the plaintiff to pressure Donald to engage in the said sexual acts. This was done by conditioning Donald and offering her advancements within Chicago's city police department upon her submission.

NBC News reported, that Donald was also promised promotion in exchange for the sexual activities with the former chief.

Moreover, the city was also named a defendant in the lawsuit after it alleged that MAyor Lori Lightfoot worsened the toxic work environment by ordering the former chief to relocate Donald into a CPD headquarters.

Lightfoot's office then directed questions about the incident to the law department.

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The law department shared in their statement that they cannot give out comments on the specific allegations, which, it will be proven as true will be considered as inexcusable.

Also, Johnson's camp has not returned initial calls requesting a statement or comment about the allegations. However, Chicago Sun-Times reported that Johnson denies all allegations against him.

In his statement, Johnson said that the accusations against him are against everything that he stands for. He also added that he is praying for Donald and her well-being, adding that he is looking forward to having an opportunity to be heard and present facts.

The lawsuit against Johnson came just as the department was supposed to announce the possible disciplinary actions given to the officers involved in an incident back in October of 2019.

It was the same incident where Johnson was allowed by other officers to drive home despite being under the influence. Thus, he was found slumped over the wheel of his car, ABC reported.

Moreover, the lawsuit is another twist in the dramatic downfall of Johnson's career. He became popular after Lightfoot fired him in December of 2019.

Shortly after being fired, Johnson acknowledged his poor decision making; however, he insisted that he did not plan to mislead anyone.

At the moment, Donald's claims of being harassed are still under investigation as the lawsuit pushes through.

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