There are key points from the United States President Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden in their town halls duel on Thursday night. The forums were held in place of the virtual presidential debate initially scheduled for the same night, which Trump backed out due to its format.

NBC's decision to broadcast the event simultaneously with Biden's initially scheduled one on ABC was a source of controversy. However, the forums reportedly provided a window into the contrasting approaches as a debate would have carried out, reported MSN.

Thursday night was said to be the most suitable metaphor for a divided US. Aside from the polarized voters, the undecided minority two-and-a-half weeks from the presidential election with millions of votes already cast faced a challenging night.

Trump and Biden were in separate cities for the dueling town halls on Thursday. As they spoke past each other on different TV networks, Americans could select the candidate they find favorable to describe reality as they would like it depicted.

The two nominees will then meet for their last debate in Nashville, Tennessee, on October 22.

Key Points from Trump, Biden Town Halls Duel

Trump refused to denounce the QAnon conspiracy theory regarding the existence of a satanic pedophile cult. Biden stated he would provide a more concrete answer on "court-packing" before the presidential election, reported WUSF.

Biden was apparently more comfortable in the town-hall format than that of a debate. He appeared to be more energetic, and his answers were carefully thought, although at times askew. Trump was frustrated at times with moderator Savannah Guthrie's follow-up questions.

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Trump had a winding response on QAnon in Miami. He lauded the adherents of the theory and indicated they were at least "strongly against pedophilia."

Biden in Philadelphia condemned Trump's response to the COVID-19 pandemic and discussed the elaborateness of racial injustice.

Guthrie grilled Trump with sharp questions, including the novel coronavirus outbreak. Trump claimed that one study concluded that 85 percent of individuals who wear face masks still test positive for the coronavirus. Biden did not make apparent mistakes that would jeopardize his standing even with George Stephanopolous asking sharp follow-ups on his record, fracking, and policing.

Trump, the man who pledged to protect, preserve, and defend the Constitution on January 20, 2017, had relentless attacks. In the parallel universe of Biden, viewers witnessed the candidate telling Americans he wanted to avoid fights, saying, "We have got to change the nature of the way we deal with one another," reported KION546.

As Trump often sparred with Guthrie for the course of an hour. Biden spun out lengthy, policy-heavy responses to questions from voters and follow-ups from Stephanopoulos.

Regarding the question of whether Trump would agree to a peaceful transfer of power if he loses to Biden, he again responded obliquely. "And the answer is yes, I will. But I want it to be an honest election and so does everyone else," according to Trump, who has pointed out unfounded warnings about the presidential election's integrity.

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