Thousands of Scottish pensioners will be receiving an automatic £140-discount on their fuel bill this year to keep a "warm home," according to the United Kingdom government.

According to money-saving expert Martin Lewis, those who received the main element of the Pension Credit back on July 5th are automatically qualified for the "Warm Home Discount Scheme," which is offered by the Department for Work and Pensions.

In a newsletter he published in, the financial guru discussed the scheme and stated that as the helpline opened last Monday, the scheme gives people who are eligible a £140 discount on their energy bills.

Moreover, he stated that those who are qualified should get a letter from the DWP. He also advised those who need further information about the scheme or those who want to confirm their details may reach out to the helpline.

In addition, The Daily Record reported that Lewis stated that those who have means-tested benefits, including income-based jobseeker's allowance or income support, need to apply for the discount.

He also stressed that not all energy suppliers are part of the scheme; thus, he advised those who are eligible to start checking out moving into an eligible supplier.

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The DWP has identified about 90,000 pensioners who are eligible for the scheme and have already cross-checked their energy suppliers.

Many eligible will have the discount automatically deducted from their energy bill starting this month until March.

Due to the 'Warm Home discount', UK consumers are expected to save a total of £137 million in their energy bills, The Scotsman reported.

Meanwhile, Dr. Therese Coffey, Work, and Pensions Secretary, stated that the UK government has actively helped pensioners in the country with their energy bills, especially those who have low income.

She also stated that the government understands the importance of keeping a home warm, especially during winter. Thus, she said that she is thrilled to use the power of IT in automatically reducing the energy bills of the said individuals.

Meanwhile, Iain Stewart, UK's government minister in Scotland, stated that looking over the citizens, especially amid the coronavirus pandemic, is more important than ever. This is because the elderly are considered high-risk groups to coronavirus, and the cold weather may make them vulnerable to the disease.

Stewart also emphasized the importance of helping the elderly as part of protecting them from the dangers of infectious diseases by helping them keep warm amid the winter.

How to become eligible for the "Warm Home Discount" Scheme

According to Lewis, there are two ways by which a person can qualify for the scheme first if one is part of the 'core group' or those who have the Guarantee Credit element of Pension Credit. And the other is if a person is on a low income and meets one's energy supplier's criteria for the scheme, also known as the 'broader group'.

According to Lewis, those individuals who believe that they are eligible for either the Pension credit of the Warm Home Discount should contact the helpline on 0800 99 1234.

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