President Donald Trump is scheduled to hold an in-person event at the White House on October 10, according to a White House official. The announcement came less than a week after the president was diagnosed with coronavirus.

The event at the White House

On October 9, the Trump campaign also announced that the president would travel to Sanford, Florida, on October 12 to deliver a speech at a "Make America Great Again" event.

The White House event will be President Trump's first public event since he and first lady Melania Trump tested positive for COVID-19. Since the announcement, numerous Trump allies and White House staff members also tested positive.

According to a White House official who spoke to ABC News, the event is set to feature remarks to peaceful protesters for law and order.

A crowd is expected to gather at the White House South Lawn around 11:30 a.m. on October 10. President Trump will address the attendees from the balcony of the White House at 2 p.m.

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President Trump contracted the coronavirus days after a massive in-person gathering at the White House to confirm the nomination of Judge Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court. More than a dozen officials who attended the event had since tested positive, according to NBC News.

The White House is now taking additional precautions for the upcoming event. All of those who will be attending are required to bring masks with them, and they will be instructed to wear them while on the White House grounds. The participants must also undergo screening, which will include a temperature check and a brief questionnaire.

The event is 25 days away from the November 3 presidential election between President Trump and Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden.

President Trump's health

Since President Trump's release from the Walter Reed Hospital a few days ago, he has insisted that he no longer feels any COVID-19 symptoms and that he is doing better. 

According to White House physician Dr. Sean Conley, the president can make a safe return to "public engagements."

On October 9, President Trump told Fox News that he had stopped taking the medication given to him for coronavirus because he does not feel like he needs them anymore.

On October 2, President Trump was flown to Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, the same day that he announced he tested positive for the virus. On October 5, the president was discharged, and he was treated at the White House instead.

Despite the rising numbers of COVID-19 cases reported at the White House and the Trump administration, with 27 all in all as of October 9, the president had not isolated himself. On October 7, he returned to the Oval Office, where he was briefed regarding the coronavirus stimulus talks and Hurricane Delta.

The list of positive cases included immigration policy advisor Stephen Miller, White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany, former White House press secretary Kellyanne Conway and Gov. Chris Christie.

More than 7.6 million coronavirus cases have been reported in the U.S, and at least 212,789 have died according to the data from Johns Hopkins University.

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