According to virologist Dr. Li-Meng Yan who defied the CCP by claiming it was man-made in a Chinese lab, her mother has been arrested in Beijing for the actions that carried consequences for her.

 The Chinese researcher went to the U.S. on asylum with proof that China has been lying about its involvement. She used to be affiliated with the Hong Kong School of Public Health.alleging that the lab is used by the World Health Organisation (WHO), reported Meaww.

 She has reported to the U.S. Epoch Times that her mother has been arrest for her actions. Despite her claims of the arrest, there was no other information to go on. Before she revealed her mother's arrest to the Epoch Times, Guo Wengui who is very vocal against the policies of the Chinese Communist Party mentioned the detention of Yan's mother on the program.

 On Twitter, her account was blocked in September for some reason. After the shutdown of her Twitter account, she talked to Tucker Carlson about her prior work in the WHO reference lab. Also, the top coronavirus lab in the world, in the University of Hong Kong. She recounted getting deep into studies of the early stages of the Wuhan outbreak.

 Having intel units that are networked in China as well, the lab she was in had the best scientists studying the virus. She said that everything happening is intentional and how it has wrecked economies, giving China time to move in the SCS.

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The virologist claims to have definitive proof in the form of a report containing details about the coronavirus, saying that the COVID-19 strain is intentionally a genetic cocktail of two coronaviruses sourced from bats. Her alleged report is not yet published in journals or gotten peer-reviewed by anyone yet. Such a mysterious report has attracted the attention of many prying eyes, most especially China's CCP.

 Her report instead got posted on Zenodo which is a site managed by the European Organisation for Nuclear Research. In the report, it mentions that the SARS-CoV-2 has characteristics that are dissimilar to a natural virus. Evidence points out that it is man-made with two strains of bat coronavirus ZC45 and/or ZXC21 as the template. She says that claims of no involvement from the Chinese government are not true.

 Despite the risk, Dr. Yan faces from her actions which some discount as not legitimate at all. Dr. Andrew Preston, an expert in microbial pathogenesis said that the report should be discounted because everything has not been peer-viewed or published, suggesting that it should not be treated as credible as it is.

 Another scientist, Dr. Michael Head, a global health expert at the University of Southampton said that before accepted it should deserve a thorough look over what it claims to prove. If the data is not verified, then it will have adverse effects that are negative. 

 Despite the research by Chinese and western researchers, there is no exact conclusion to what the coronavirus is. Dr. Yan's report might not be totally useless but she did dare to challenge Chinese claims. Now her mother is arrested because of her report.

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