If the United States has ice cream, Italy has gelato. The creamy dessert has made its way into the country and has since become one of the favorite desserts of Americans.

Usually described as "Italian ice cream," this dessert is made of milk instead of cream and has a lower butterfat content.

Gelato is much creamier than regular supermarket ice cream, and it is served warmer, making it softer and the texture smoother. Often mixed with fruits and nuts, gelatos have a wide range of flavors, and it allows you to customize it.

Here are some of the best gelato spots in the country where you can enjoy this delicious, creamy dessert:

Morano Gelato in Hanover, New Hampshire

Morano Gelato started as a small farmer's market gelateria in Hanover, New Hampshire, with only two flavors. Now, Morano Gelato has three locations in New England.

Morano Gelato was started by Morgan Morano, who was born in Hanover but eventually relocated to Italy for six years and studied the art of gelato making under a Sicilian chef. She then moved back to her hometown and started her own gelateria after realizing that there is no authentic gelato in her hometown.

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Il Dolce Gelato in Norman, Oklahoma

Located in Norman, Oklahoma, this upscale gelateria serves perfectly creamy, perfectly dense authentic gelato. The shop is owned by a family, and it began its operations in 2007. The head of the family is an authentic gelato maker who received his training directly from a renowned Italian gelato maker.

Every flavor at Il Dolce Gelato is handmade from scratch in keeping with gelato-making tradition, and the family sources premium ingredients directly from Italy, including Sicilian pistachios and Madagascar vanilla beans. They offer 24 delectable flavors, which can change from day to day and season to season.

Gaia Gelato in Carlsbad, California

Gaia Gelato is located in the Village Faire Shopping Center in Carlsbad, California. It is the perfect place to enjoy a cup or a cone of the creamy Italian dessert. The modern interior is decorated to create a homey and clean feel. You can eat in or take your gelato to go.

The gelato is handmade in small batches, and you will find new flavors almost every week. You can go for their classic flavors like tiramisu, stracciatella, or amaretto. You can try their specialties like zabaione or Sicilian custard, or Gaia Cremino, which is a mixture of vanilla, chocolate, and almond marzipan.

Black Dog Gelato in Chicago, Illinois

The owner of Black Dog Gelato is a former pastry chef, but she has earned her place among top gelaterias with her amazing recipes and top-notch flavors.

Black Dog Gelato serves fine gelatos that are freshly made every morning. The owner, Jessica Oloroso, is certified by the FDA to manufacture and pasteurize her own gelato base.

This shop offers some classic flavors for patrons that do not want to stray too far from the normal, like chocolate, malted vanilla, and mint cookie. You can also go for something else like goat cheese cashew caramel, blueberry french toast, butterscotch bourbon praline, and sesame fig chocolate chip.

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