You can never go wrong with sandwiches, they are the great equalizer no matter what the culture is or in which continent you go to, you will always find this food.

All food lovers have a favorite sandwich, and a favorite sandwich shop. There are a lot of options that you can choose from, you can mix and match as you please. Here are some of the best sandwich spots you can visit.

Chacarero in Boston, Massachusetts

Chacarero started as a simple pushcart owned by Chilean native Juan Hurtado. It may appear to be a basic chain restaurant from the outside, with its glowing sign and clean aesthetic, but it is an incredibly legit purveyor of Chilean food, mostly because of its eponymous sandwiches.

There are a lot of things on the menu at Chacarero that you can order, including amazing empanadas. Their chacarero is made with fresh, pillow-soft homemade round bread coupled with tender grilled steak or chicken, or you can get both. It has fresh tomatoes, steamed green beans, and Muenster cheese before topping it off with avocado and a spicy secret sauce.

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Domilise's Po-Boy and Bar in New Orleans, Louisiana

New Orleans is filled with sandwich spots, but the one that stands out the most is Domilise's. The Uptown spot is set up in an inconspicuous building with a bar and a full view of the owners working the fryer.

You may have to fall in line before you can get served, but the wait is worth it. Every shrimp or oyster po-boy is fried to order and to perfection. You can even go half shrimp and half oyster on the same sandwich bun.

El Pescador Fish Market in La Jolla, California

El Pescador Fish Market was once a small fish shack that was founded and managed by teenage surfers. After 32 years, it has evolved into one of the best markets in the seafood-crazed region.

El Pescador is an upscale seafood market with communal tables lined up in full view of the fish you will soon be divulging. You can order their best seller, which consists of two kinds of shrimp, house-smoked salmon, and buttery Dungeness crab into a sourdough bun.

John's Roast Pork in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

John's Roast Pork's specialty is their roast pork, with a sandwich that has sharp provolone, a delicious sautéed spread of spinach, and the juiciest smoked pork. You can also go for their cheesesteak, which is very famous in Philadelphia.

In John's Roast Pork, you can never go wrong with any order. The restaurant stood the test of time, and has been serving amazing sandwiches since 1930.

Lee's Bakery in Duluth, Georgia

Lee's Bakery has been in the business for 15 years now. The bakery serves one of the finest variations of the banh mi in the United States. The bread is crispy, chewy, and delicious.

All the goodness though is found between then bun, as it is filled with pickled vegetables and tender pork. Since Lee's is a bakery, there are a lot of sandwiches available, but their banh mi is a must-try.

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