After United States President Donald Trump announced he was positive for the coronavirus, he was immediately hospitalized to be treated. However, on Saturday, his physician gave him a shot of steroids after the U.S. president suffered a drop in oxygen levels.

During a news conference on Sunday, Dr Sean Conley, President Trump's physician, said the Republican leader was transferred to the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center after his announcement of infection with the virus.

Trump's battle with the coronavirus

The president's medical team said that the U.S. leader's oxygen levels stabilized at 98 percent. Medical experts said that blood oxygen saturation is a crucial factor in determining the severity of the COVID-19 infection. A reading between 95 and 100 is considered normal, while a drop below 90 is a cause for concern.

According to Fox News, a specialist in pulmonary critical care, Dr. Brian Garibaldi, said that on Saturday, President Trump was given a second dose of the experimental drug remdesivir and a first dose of Dexamethasone and that he was not showing any adverse side effects that could be seen.

Conley said on Saturday that Trump's condition had entered phase 2. During a video statement released on Saturday, Trump, who was in Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, told the people that he was starting to feel better and noted that the next few days would be critical to his health.

The COVID-19 virus is known to attack an individual's immune system, and the human body makes a crucial decision between fighting the virus with precision or face potentially fatal consequences.

An infectious disease specialist, Dr. William Schaffner of the Vanderbilt University, said that patients infected with the coronavirus could look well for a few days before quickly showing severe symptoms and feeling much worse.

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Signs of getting worse

The medical expert added that rapid deterioration could happen when the body unsuccessfully uses its immune system to try and fight the virus, causing collateral damage due to not being able to pinpoint the disease itself, as reported by USA Today.

The physician-in-chief at Northwell Health, Dr. Thomas McGinn, said that the Dexamethasone is the most mysterious drug medical experts have used on the U.S. president. The drug is not commonly used unless an individual's health condition has begun growing worse.

However, McGinn questioned the choices of the attending doctors and noted it could be a sign that the president's condition is worse than what is publicly revealed. He also wondered if the steps medical experts were using is because he was the president, and they wanted to beat the sickness quickly.

According to The New York Times, a professor emergency medicine, Dr Esther Choo of the Oregon Health & Science University, said the doctors' statement released on Sunday showed that Trump's condition is no longer positive and that it was more than just simple caution due to being the president of the United States.

Several medical experts also have another theory: that Trump is controlling his own medical care and is demanding intense treatment despite knowing the risks in an attempt to eradicate the virus from his body quickly.

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