Washington, DC - After receiving a diagnosis of coronavirus, the condition of United States President Donald Trump left his staff and doctors concerned according to an official from the White House.

The current condition of the president forced them to transfer him to the hospital despite some officials in the administration publicly described Trump's condition as far as rosier terms.

According to CNN, Mark Meadows, the White House Chief of staff shared that his concern grew at the time that the president developed a fever and stated late on Saturday that the blood oxygen level of the president had dropped rapidly just hours after the disclosure of the positive test results of Trump on Friday morning.

But the latest statement from the chief of staff emphasizes that the president is not out of the woods as his latest medical report shows unbelievable improvements compare to yesterday morning when most of them in the White House including the attending the doctors for Trump.

Hours before the assessment of the chief of staff and other messages from officials in the White House, Sean Conley, the White House physician also shared his assessment in the condition of the president wherein he stated that Trump was doing very well in terms of his recovery.

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Officials from the White at first stated that the US president only acquired and developed a mild case of coronavirus, but they were not able to disclose any information regarding the extent of symptoms that Trump experienced until they observed it for some enough time.

During a press briefing at Walter Reed, Conley shared on Saturday morning that the president no longer experienced fever in the last 24 hours and also no longer using oxygen at that time, Yahoo! reported.

The White House physician also mentioned that the US President experienced on Thursday nasal congestion, mild cough, and fatigue but now all of the mentioned symptoms are starting to improve and slowly being resolved.

After the physicians and the attending doctors for the US president gave out the health condition of Trump, an official from the administration which was identified as Meadows later, met with the reporters earlier in the week describing the condition of the president as very concerning.

 Meadows even mentioned that in the next 48 hours the condition of the president will be critical in terms of his care.

To honor a request made by the White House, a pool report that was sent to the White House press corps did not mention the name of the official to hide his identity. However, there is a video that was uploaded online that captured Meadows like the one speaking in the briefing after the remarks made by Conley, revealing that he is the source behind the alarming information.

Officials from the White House declined to confirm that it was indeed Meadows the person behind the remarks, and even the chief of staff stated the same information during an interview.

After a 12-hour silence on social media application, Twitter, Trump tweeted on Saturday that he was feeling well and praised the medical professionals who attended to him at Walter Reed.

He also encourages the members of the congress to expedite the approval of the stimulus for the pandemic and later posted a video that he will be back soon.

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