For a city that demands greatness and an NBA franchise that is used to winning rings, the 10-year drought in the NBA Finals that the Los Angeles Lakers felt endless for the organization, but that thirst for yet another Finals appearance was ended by the LeBron James-led purple and gold squad.

After their 117-107 win over the Nuggets in game 5 of the Western Conference Finals, one of the most decorated franchises in the NBA history will have another shot for the title, as they are looking for the 17th title to be added in their belt, Yahoo! Sports reported.

Leaving a Legacy

Some fans even noticed that the total of the game score is 224 points, which they pointed out that it is the jersey numbers of Lakers star Kobe Bryant and daughter Gigi who both died in a helicopter accident in January.

Ten years ago, Bryant is the person who gave the purple and gold franchise their last taste of victory in the NBA Finals.

While confetti streamed down onto the purple and gold squad during the Western Conference championship ceremony, the Lakers star sat on the court. But during the post-game interview, he shared that he is looking for the Finals and what will be their strategy to get the ring and bring the city back together.

He also added that the Nuggets gave them a hard-fought series.

LeBron also mentioned that he also thought about how special the win not only for him but for the whole team especially to Anthony Davis who will be heading to his first NBA Finals in his career.

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The Path Led to LA

The King also thought while sitting his own journey that led him to Los Angeles in 2018.

The 35-year-old Lakers star also shared during the interview that their position right now is the reason what he came for.

He also shared all of the conversations and everything that was stated about the reason behind his move to Los Angeles and answered it and revealed that it was not just about basketball.

LeBron emphasized during the interview that the season he had last year, his injury, just gave his bashers more wood and sticks to throw in the fire but despite those criticisms he received, the King stated that it did not stop his journey and will never stop his goal, and as a matter of fact they fueled him to achieve it.

Leading the Best in the West

According to Sports Illustrated, the coach of the Los Angeles Lakers, Frank Vogel stated in the interview that the 35-year-old LeBron James played with a chip on his shoulder all year long and it was never been evident than in the 4th quarter of the game in the series against the nuggets.

After the nuggets climbed their way out of a 16-point third-quarter hole to put the game tie at 84 apiece with only 11 seconds remaining in the third period, the 35-year-old star pulled his teammates aside and even Davis was told by LeBron that it was his time so everybody just followed and got out of there and let him be him.

Vogel even stated that he was not able to witness in person, a guy who took over the way James did in the 4th period.

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