A Chinese health official stated on Friday that the nation's yearly production capability for COVID-19 vaccines will top one billion doses in 2021. This is following an assertive government support program for building of new factories.

610 Million Doses by the End of 2020

According to Zheng Zhongwei from the National Health Commission, the capacity is slated to reach 610 million novel coronavirus vaccine doses by the conclusion of 2020.

Blessing from the WHO

The World Health Organization (WHO) approved China's campaign to vaccinate particular people against the coronavirus in July while clinical trials are being undertaken, according to a Chinese health official. A number of experts have expressed concern regarding the decision.

Zhongwei added that China initiated its emergency program in July, having communicated with the WHO in late June.

The Chinese health official was also negotiating with organizations involved in Covax, a program to ensure equal access to COVID-19 vaccines, for distribution to developing countries.

Zheng stated that the health commission proposed emergency usage of the COVID-19 vaccines in mid-June to shield people with high-risk work including as frontline health workers, overseas workers, and border officials.

Experimental Vaccine

The CEO of SinoVac, Yin Weidong, stated that he personally has been provided the experimental COVID-19 vaccine.

Upon China's announcement of the one billion COVID-19 vaccines, according to Yin, "At the very beginning, our strategy was designed for China and for Wuhan. Soon after that in June and July we adjusted our strategy, that is to face the world. Our goal is to provide the vaccine to the world including the U.S., EU and others," reported Euronews.

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China has been disemminating experimental COVID-19 vaccines to hundreds of thousands of people since July under an emergency use program approved by the government of China prior to their safety and efficacy being entirely backed by clinical trials.

A number of health experts and vaccine creators in the West have cautioned against the premature permission of COVID-19 vaccines before last-stage trials are concluded.

According to Zheng, "Next year, our annual capacity will reach more than 1 billion doses," reported The Tribune.

The United States pharmaceutical giants Pfizer and Moderna also prioritize to manufacture one billion doses each in 2021.

According to Zheng, "At end-June, China's State Council approved a plan of COVID-19 vaccine emergency use program," Zheng told a news conference, reported VN Explorer.

Phase 3 of Clinical Trials

The COVID-19 vaccines still had to complete the 3rd phase of clinical trials but the State Council supported the proposal on June 24th.

Rigid regulations in the United States, Japan, European Union, and Australia have historically barred the sale of Chinese vaccines but Yin stated that could change.

SinoVac is creating one of China's top four COVID-19 vaccine candidates alongside state-owned SinoPharm with two in development and CanSino, a military-affiliated private firm upon China's announcement of the one billion COVID-19 vaccines.

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