Country singer Dolly Parton has reportedly suffered a near-death trauma and will slow her professional life to be safe. The "health crisis" was merely reported by one tabloid.

No One Can Stop Her From Not Slowing Down

Parton may be 74 years old but she actually does not plan on slowing down from her career soon.

The country singer, businesswoman, actress, and humanitarian maintains a full and bustling schedule even amid this peculiar year, reported Classic Country Music.

COVID-19 'Lesson From God'

She is also addressing the globe to keep their faith during the COVID-19 pandemic. In a positive message she wrote on Instagram, the country icon said that she thinks God is teaching us a lesson in the form of the novel coronavirus outbreak, reported Wonderwall.

Instead of the pandemic, a major health crisis allegedly slowed down Parton. The tabloid Globe stated that she was "pushing too hard on a string of projects" that led to a "horrifying meltdown."

But one of her biggest projects is slated to be released in early October and the said project is her first Christmas record in 30 years. The album entitled "A Holly Dolly Christmas" will consist of collaborations with music artists including Miley Cyrus, Billy Ray Cyrus, and Michael Buble.

Positive Outlook With Regard to Pandemic

According to her video message in front of a small stairwell in her home, "Well hello! It's Dolly. Climbing the stairway to heaven 'cause this virus has scared the H-E-L-L out of us. I'm not making light out of the situation. Well, maybe I am because it's the light, I believe, that's going to dissolve the situation. I think God is in this, I really do."

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 "I think he's trying to hold us up to the light so we can see ourselves and see each other through the eyes of love, and I hope we learn that lesson. I think that when this passes we're all gonna be better people."

Parton ended her brief message, "So just keep the faith, don't be too scared. It's going to be alright. God loves us."

'Touch And Go'

Regarding Dolly Parton's aforementioned "health crisis," according to Globe, she was "working herself into the grave," and the condition at the hospital was "touch and go." She has now recovered adequately for doctors to tell her that she is now in good health but needs to take it easy, reported Gossip Cop.

Alongside Parton, artist Reba McEntire is also reportedly not slowing down. McEntire had Parton guest on one of her podcast's episodes. The pair chatted about varying topics including whether or not they will resort to retirement. Both affirmed that they do not intend to.


All the information merely indicated a "severe dizzy spell" which is a symptom and not a cause of an illness.

Dolly Parton is a major country music legend so her hospitalization would receive major coverage beyond a single tabloid narrative. Thus, this "health crisis" is debunked as false.

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