Reports indicate that India is being offered the chance to build and transfer technology as part of the deal MiG-35s. Years of using Russian planes like the MiG-29 is a logical progression for IAF to switch to a PLUS-4th Generation as a counter to Chinese copies.

Russia and India with a history of interaction in aerospace might be working to establish the manufacture of the MiG-35 in India. Ilya Tarasenko, CEO, MiG Corporation of Russia had an interview with Financial Express Online about this particular partnership, reported Defense News.

Sources indicate that JSC RAC MiG is one of the bidders to equip the Indian Air Force via the Rosoboronexport. The key to its bid is the updated MiG-35 that has Make in India requirements. Included in the deal is the use of all weapons for the airframe, in current and updates in the future. Also offered are weapons for heavier Russian Fighters.

Stressed in the bid is the long relationship with Indian military needs that addresses both their production and sales support.

The IAF tender for acquisition has several planes on offer from several aerospace firms, including the venerable F-16 and the F-18, and Sweden designed Grippen are competitors to the MiG-35.

 MiG-35 is a complex aircraft that includes relevant technologies that make it a ++ 4th generation almost into the 5th generation. It is designed with superior avionics comparable to the best fighters used now. Designed into the new plane is an excellent software system, upgraded, including a new cockpit and displays. All systems are linked to the best combat performance.

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Added to the airframe is an excellent airborne radar called AESA. It has increase sensor range and keeps track of all tracking, recognition, painting targets in the air, ground, and surface targets. Also, objects detected will be seen in front and back, either night or day with 190 kilometers.

Offensive weapons included in the airframe are new guided and unguided air weapons that perform maximally. Addition of a digital weapons control system that is compatible with weapons of Russian or Indian origin. The flexible system means a wide array of weapons can be integrated.

More goodies in the MiG-35 are new navigation and target acquisition system, weapons control, lastly a new communication. That will be of interest to the IAF.

An invigorated design for the MiG-35

It is derived from the MiG-29 that has proven itself in combat and comparable to most fighters of its generation. Overall, the design favored well in the areas of maneuverability and low visibility. Achieving a stealth effect with a modified airframe and new coating that adds low-radar visibility in the maximum.

Operationally, the IAF has requirements that it needs to have an edge that would be these additions by MiG technicians. Included with the plane is a modified onboard defense complex and opto-electronic reconnaissance systems installed in ++ 4th generation and 5th generation aircraft. It adds value to the MiG-35 and its operators.

If the deal pushes through, technology transfers and what it takes to build the plane will be provided. Compared to western planes that are more expensive, the F-35 is just what the Indian Air Force needs with the long collaboration of MiG and India.

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