Through the years, TV networks were able to produce high-quality shows with interesting characters and storylines that get you hooked.

It is challenging for a show to form a cult following, but what is even more challenging is to create an ending that is both satisfying to the audience and will give justice to the whole plot.

Unfortunately, there were shows that fell flat towards the end and obviously struggled to finish the series. These shows felt out of touch with what the fans wanted, and the ending does not make sense.

How I Met Your Mother (2005 - 2014)

When "How I Met Your Mother" aired, a lot of people got excited as it was labeled as the new "Friends" but with a romantic twist.

The loyal fans of the comedy show waited for nine seasons to finally meet the "mother" that was the center of the whole story, but the excitement was short-lived when she died because of a terminal illness.

To make matters worse, Barney, who went through immense character growth throughout the season, reverts to his playboy self after his divorce with Robin. After the whole back-and-forth, Ted and Robin got back together, making the whole plot of the show useless.

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Lost (2004 - 2010)

"Lost" was one of the most popular shows when it aired, and it gained a whole lot of fans waiting for every season. However, the fans were disappointed and frustrated with its finale.

The series raised a lot of questions over its six seasons, and the finale never answered them. The flash-sideways plot was thrown in at the end, and the revelation that it was all a form of purgatory was the definition of lazy writing.

Gossip Girl (2007 - 2012)

"Gossip Girl" may have delivered the fantasy of its loyal fans when Chuck and Blair got married in the end, but that was shattered when Dan was revealed to be "Gossip Girl" the whole time.

Dan nearly destroyed the lives of the people that he said he cared about, but it was not clear why he did what he did. The revelation was not as shocking as they wanted it to be, and it just came off as cheap and rushed.

Game of Thrones (2011 - 2019)

"Game of Thrones" was praised for years for its amazing twists, story, and character development. The eighth and final season of the fantasy TV show disappointed millions of its viewers.

The fans of the show were shocked to see the beloved character Daenerys lean into the "Mad Queen" theory and slaughter thousands of innocent people in King's Landing. The fans were also surprised by Jon Snow's betrayal when he stabbed her.

Drogon melted the Iron Throne, and Bran Stark was voted by the lords and ladies as the new king. Thousands of angry fans signed a petition for the final season to be remade, but that never happened.

Roseanne (1988 - 1997)

"Roseanne" was loved by the public for its wacky storyline and funny dialogues, but nothing prepared the fans for the finale of the show when it was revealed that Roseanne made up most of the events following Dan's heart attack for a book that she was writing.

Dan, whom people thought cheated on his wife, actually died from a heart attack. The finale was such a disaster that the whole ninth season of the show was ignored when the show returned in 2018 for a revival.

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