During the signing ceremony of the peace accords between Israel, Bahrain, and the United Arab Emirates last week, United States President Donald Trump touted the agreement as an achievement of his campaign.

The Republican leader's campaign team released a 30-second ad two days after the signing event that showed footage of Trump during the ceremony. The video also portrays the U.S. president as the heroic peacemaker that brought the Middle East into a new era.

Achieving peace within the Middle East

According to The New York Times, the ad's narrator said President Trump did what people said was impossible, the historic Middle East peace agreement, a first of its kind.

The current U.S. elections are filled with news about the coronavirus pandemic, racial injustice, and recently, a vacancy in the Supreme Court, but Trump's Middle East deal is the latest addition to his list of claimed achievements.

Trump allies have expressed their opinions that the peace agreement benefits Jewish Americans more than others, who are considered a key voting population in Florida. Officials also said evangelical Christians would most likely be swayed because they support Israel.

The executive director of the Republican Jewish Coalition, Matt Brooks, said the agreement marked an important event not only because of its details but also because of what it symbolizes. Brooks said the deal proved Trump is working towards peace and that he was able to succeed where past administrations failed to push through, and on a global scale.

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The achievement is also Trump's latest sign of his increasing campaign as the November elections draw closer. He has also planning to double up on his campaign in Ohio, where he will hold a second rally at the Wright Brothers Aero, moving with the theme of "Fighting for the American Worker," as reported by Spectrum News1.

Trump's planned trip to the state comes after a visit from Vice President Mike Pence at the Muskingum County Fairgrounds. During his event, the vice president said that the president moved forward with his promise to revive the economy and that he fought for job opportunities in the area.

Presidential race

The former United States vice president, Joe Biden, had not visited the state yet since a March 10 trip. However, his wife, Jill Biden, plans to speak to Ohio volunteers virtually for what the Democratic campaign calls its most massive action weekend.

Despite Trump touting the peace agreements in the Middle East, Gaza responded by launching rockets into Israel that show the continuous complexity of the conflicts in the region.

According to Forbes, the Abraham Accords included Arab nations that were not actually in war with each other. Peter Alexander, the NBC News White House correspondent, said the agreement did nothing to address the ongoing battles that Israel is experiencing with Palestinians, Hezbollah, or Iran.

Several critical powers within the Middle East have also expressed their discontent with the peace accords even after Trump said that multiple other Arab nations would soon be joining the historic agreements, including Saudi Arabia.

The leader of Iran, Ali Khamenei, said the deal was a betrayal of Palestinians and noted it would quickly be abolished. The statements came amid Hamas' spokesperson Hazem Qassem's note that the agreements were not worth the efforts to achieve them.

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