The slaying of a disabled mother and 11-year daughter in their home by two brothers has been given justice. Five years after the horrendous pair slew the family, they were arrested by the police and charged for homicide.

In Detroit, Michigan, the double slaying of a disabled mother and her 11-year-old daughter has been resolved with the arrest of the alleged killers. Identified as Henry Johnson, 35 years old, he was charged with murder on September 15. His arrest came after the apprehension of Tony Johnson, 40, on the same charges for double slaying, reported Meaww.

Both of the white victims, Tina and Kristina Geiger were killed in 2013, sustaining multiple stab wounds when they were assaulted in their apartment. The alleged murderers are Henry and Tony Johnson, who entered their unit and started their killing spree.

Sources say that the mother and daughter have developmental problems but are self-sufficient. They were checked on regularly by a social worker when the two have not been seen by the social worker. The immediate family was alarmed and requested authorities to check on them. Their corpses were found soon after, noted Fox2Detroit.

Henry Johnson was caught at his Detroit residence with two incidences of homicide for an open murder. This was the statement of the Clinton Township Police Department on September 16. Tony Johnson was caught in the dragnet with double homicide cases as well. His prints matched those in the crime scene, specifically a bloody handprint, reported the Free Press.

Investigators found out that Henry used to reside in the complex that the Geiger's lived and died in. Coincidentally, right after the Geiger double homicide, he chose to leave the complex. However, the Johnsons are not aware that the CCTV camera at a local 7-Eleven store had caught a footage of them near the two victims hours before the slaying happened.

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Investigators know the Johnsons killed the Geigers in cold blood but were not aware of the pair's cause of death. No forced entry was indicated in the Geiger's flat.

Attorney Sherriee Detzler, who defended Henry, said on the September 16 hearing that he is married and has six kids. He was asked to go back to his old job recently. His defender asked for a bond that will be fair to the defendant, and a GPS tether for him, adding that the seriousness of the charge is well understood. He also said that he has no felonies from early 2000 onwards.

Kristina Geiger went to the Glen H. Peters, a school that in the Macomb Intermediate School district, when she was killed violently by the Johnsons. Her school principal was saddened by Kristina's death, said Krissy (her nickname) had a nice smile, and worked hard as a cheerleader. He said that Tina was a good and attentive mother.

According to court records dated 2010, Tina was bipolar with slight mental retardation. As a single mom, she took care of Kristina and is well-liked. The motive of the crime is not yet known.

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