A mother has issued a public warning to the world after her seven-year-old fought against a coronavirus-related disease about new and frightening symptoms. The conditions include reddening of the eyes and chapped lips.

Red eyes and chapped lips

A resident of Shelby Township, Michigan, Hannah Peck detailed her child's symptoms during an interview. The child, Levi Nobles, was hospitalized for seven days due to a COVID-related inflammatory disease.

According to The Sun, the disease has been rampaging across the United States and is seen widely among children. Hannah advised other parents that if their child was sick, they should immediately bring them to medical experts.

The mother added that if she was not quick to get her son to the hospital or if the doctor simply disregarded the issue as a stomach bug, they would have been in a worse situation.

Until May 2, Nobles was a healthy young boy but suddenly woke up with a high fever and started to vomit, said his family. When the child's symptoms continued, his family brought him to a paediatrician who advised them to get him to the hospital quickly.

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Hannah described that the doctor observed Nobles and saw his eyes becoming red and his lips getting chapped and immediately found them causes for concern. The medical expert explained that the boy was severely dehydrated and was showing symptoms similar to the Kawasaki syndrome being seen in kids recently.

Nobles' mother said he tested negative for the novel coronavirus three times during his stay at the hospital. However, doctors found that the boy tested positive for COVID-19 antibodies, suggesting he was exposed to the deadly virus at some point.

COVID-19 and an inflammatory disease

Around the world, children are being affected by the coronavirus differently to adults and are showing symptoms of inflammation. A nine-year-old Australian boy has previously been hospitalized due to a rare inflammatory illness, as reported by the New Zealand Herald.

There have been at least three cases of children dying after being infected with the disease worldwide.

Recently, Safer Care Victoria issued a warning to all pediatric and emergency staff to consider the conditions and symptoms and be aware of the deadliness of the disease.

According to ABC News, about 200 children in the United States could or have been confirmed to have the pediatric multi-system inflammatory syndrome. The disease has spread like wildfire across 19 states, including Washington.

Doctors worldwide have seen a link between children who were infected with or are suffering from the novel coronavirus and the inflammatory syndrome. The disease shows signs similar to toxic shock syndrome and Kawasaki disease that is mostly seen in children of five years old or younger.

When his family brought him to the Beaumont Hospital, infectious disease specialists monitored Nobles and observed his condition and symptoms. During his stay, medical experts saw him suffering from severe abdominal pain and decided to transfer him to the ICU and placed him on oxygen. Doctors then discovered that the boy had pneumonia in both of his lungs.

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