On Tuesday, House Representatives announced a series of legislative proposals in their attempts to support the call for ousting House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

The "Commitment to America" consists of 17 agenda items and is similar to the 1994 eight-point Contract with America that helped Republicans take over the house for the first time in four decades.

Ousting the house speaker

According to the New York Post, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy said that Republicans had made significant contributions in building the most outstanding economy in a single generation during a press release. He added that the way of life of Americans is thriving, and they intend to push it forward.

If Republicans successfully reclaim the majority of seats, McCarthy will most likely replace Pelosi as House Speaker. Currently, Democratic politicians hold a 34-seat advantage.

In the document, Republicans commit to providing high-speed internet to every single household in the country and several other projects, including a five-year plan to work on fixing roads, bridges, and other infrastructure while at the same time reducing the permitting process by 50 percent.

The Republicans also commit to fighting against attempts to defund the police force. They will move to increase funding by $1.75 billion that will be used for better training, policing, and purchase of equipment, including 500,000 body cameras.

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The announcement comes amid stalled talks at Capitol Hill regarding a new coronavirus stimulus bill and the protests calling for police reforms after the death of George Floyd in May in the hands of Minnesota police officers.

Another pledge of Republicans includes the return of the Paycheck Protection Program, which would extend the $2,000 child tax credit and will cut-off the United States' reliance on China-made products.

Continuous failure

Several issues have prompted Republicans to attempt an oust against Pelosi, one of which was her overseeing the Democratic strategy that fought against Donald Trump. And recently, she has been silent about the surging violence causing chaos to the United States, as reported by The Hill.

Speaker Pelosi was also responsible for pushing through with the impeachment move of the U.S. president last year despite having no clear evidence that it would succeed. Experts said that the movement actually benefitted Trump, who garnered record fund-raising and an increase in his approval ratings.

Despite Pelosi growing her base by continuously criticizing the White House, she has become the focus of Trump supporters across the nation. Several polls show that people who voted for the Republican leader in 2016 are more likely to retain their loyalty in the upcoming November elections.

It was also the house speaker that obstructed the growth of progressives, including Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, at her party. Pelosi only allowed Ocasio-Cortez to speak for a maximum of 60 seconds during the Democratic National Convention.

The Republicans are also touting the achievements of President Trump, specifically, bringing hostages home from international custody, justice reform, health care measures, and revamping international trade deals.

As Republicans continue to move forward with policies that benefit the country, presidential candidate Joe Biden's campaign is fruitlessly conducting its own efforts.

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