Despite the overwhelming need for a new stimulus relief bill and the federal government wanting to push new legislation to provide assistance to the American people suffering amid the coronavirus pandemic, talks have been stalled due to differing perspectives.

$1,200 stimulus checks?

The most asked question right now is when the new relief package will be given out or if it ever will be. If new legislation pushes through, experts worry if it would too late to reach those who need it the most.

According to CNET, discussions for the next coronavirus relief bill are stalled due to differing views of how much money to put in initially. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell wanted to have a package ready by August 7 which is now a pipe dream because of the disagreements.

On Sunday, Florida Democratic Representative Val Demmings said that American citizens are suffering from a problem that was not their own fault. The politician added that officials should quickly pass a supportive bill that aims to help the people.

Despite some belief that a new relief bill will be passed before the November elections, some officials in the White House are expressing their concerns and doubts. But if new legislation does get through, several possible benefits could be included.

The second stimulus check which could be part of the next coronavirus relief bill would amount up to $1,200 for every individual. The subsequent, direct payments could also come if United States President Donald Trump pushes with his idea of supplying the funds through executive action.

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Benefits of a potential stimulus bill

The new legislation could also provide enhanced unemployment benefits to millions of unemployed Americans who have been laid off amid the coronavirus pandemic's effects on the economy. Previous assistance included a weekly $600 benefit and a renewed weekly aid of $300 has begun with distribution but would only last for about six weeks.

Last week, a skinny bill was proposed that aimed to implement a new version of the Paycheck Protection Program and an expanded unemployment benefit system. However, Republican Senator Rand Paul was among those who blocked the bill, arguing it would add a substantial amount to the budget deficit, as reported by

Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said other Republican politicians are too focused on the financial issues when the economic devastation of the coronavirus needs to be mended. The secretary is calling for fellow officials to look past the money problems and move forward as Democrats have expressed their agreement in passing a broader relief package.

According to Forbes, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said on Monday that despite both Congress and Trump's administration cooperating for another bipartisan stimulus bill, efforts of negotiating with the Republican president directly are not a "good use of time."

With Democrats urging Pelosi to pass smaller-sized bills, the speaker refused the strategies, arguing that despite the desperate need for a stimulus relief package, a skinny bill would not address the problem the American people are facing due to the coronavirus pandemic.

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