One tabloid cover story created a buzz this week as it claims that "Alias" co-stars Jennifer Garner and Bradly Cooper are moving in together after Cooper proposed.

Are they together?

The cover of the tabloid Life & Style reads, "Bradley moves in" and promises to go inside their big "wedding plans."

According to the article, Cooper and Garner have transitioned their longtime friendship into romance, and now the actor has already moved in.

The two allegedly bonded over their dedication to their families, and Cooper has promised that he would "never break her heart."

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Cooper moved back to LA in August so that he could start filming a project with Paul Thomas, which freed the two to go on dates. The tabloid stated that things are getting serious between the two, and the topic of marriage has come up.

A source said that Cooper's suggestions had been mostly laughed off with Garner reminding him of the relationship slow and one step at a time. All the same, the actor has "big wedding plans and could surprise her with a proposal."

Recently spotted at the beach

The interest of the public on the article of Life & Style came from Cooper and Garner getting spotted at the beach together playing with Cooper's daughter.

The entertainment site Gossip Cop reached out to a source close to the two, and they were informed that the two are just friends and nothing more.

Cooper and Garner have been friends for decades now, but the reports that the two are dating are steeped more in speculation than fact, and not anyone in their circle had confirmed the rumors.

This means that the cover of the tabloid about their "big wedding plans" and how they "told their family" about their relationship is not true.

The actual article does not even say that the two were engaged, and there were no wedding plans to be found. The closest the tabloid comes to satisfying its cover is briefly saying that Cooper is considering a proposal. The cover is deliberately misleading.

While the tabloid claims that Cooper is now spending all his time with Garner in LA, he is in LA filming a new movie; it is not all his time. He was also spotted with his ex Irina Shayk and his daughter Lea in New York.

Cooper is not dating Shayk either; he is just on good terms with the mother of his child and went to visit them.

Another tabloid, Women's Day, claimed that Cooper was spotted leaving Garner's home, but it was not true. The tabloid's story is not correct as Garner and Cooper are not even dating and not considering marrying each other.

There are numerous incorrect stories from tabloids, including Garner preparing for a summer wedding last year, but it never happened. The tabloid who wrote it, Life & Style, said that she was ready to marry her then-boyfriend John Miller.

However, the summer wedding never happened, bother Garner and Miller never talked about wedding plans to anyone in the media, and they eventually broke up.

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