A woman from Slovenia, who deliberately sawed off her hand, has been jailed for insurance fraud. The 22-year-old Julija Adlesic agreed with her boyfriend to sever her left hand above the wrist so that they can claim £700,000 in insurance.


However, investigators found that the two had signed contracts with five insurance companies in 2019. Adlesic's boyfriend was sentenced to three years in prison while his father received a one-year suspended sentence.

Adlesic was given two years behind bars. In the hospital, Adlesic said that she injured herself while sawing branches, as reported by Mirror.co.

Authorities said that the three left the hand behind to make sure that the disability was permanent, but the police recovered it, and it was reattached.

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According to prosecutors, days before the incident, Adlesic's partner searched online for information about how artificial hands work. During the trial, Adlesic claimed innocence and said that no one wants to be crippled.

Similar case

In June 2019, three men have been jailed for carrying out a crash-for-cash insurance scam. Police said that their chaotic and erratic driving caused a 50 mph crash with a driver on an M6 slip road in Coventry, UK. 

The 47-year-old Mohammed Azam, 22-year-old Husnain Ahmed, and 24-year-old Sufyan Lone, all from Birmingham, each pleaded guilty to fraud by false representation, and they were jailed, according to BBC.

The City of London Police said that the men were focused on making a financial gain. At Birmingham Crown Court, Azam and Ahmen were each jailed for two years and one month. Lone was jailed for one year and ten months.

The dash-cam footage from the car of the victim revealed that the two cars in front were driving erratically and close together at junction three southbound.

The force's Insurance Fraud Enforcement Department or IFED, which investigates scams around the UK, said that the car directly in front then carried out an emergency stop, which caused the collision.

All three men were later put in fraudulent personal injury claims for whiplash amounting to £28,161. Hastings Direct rejected the applications due to dash-cam footage and first-hand accounts from other drivers.

Detective Con Kevin Hughes stated that the three men were focused on making a financial gain, and they clearly did not care about endangering the innocent driver that they targeted, as well as other drives in the area.

Detective Hughes then said that despite driving at such a high speed, no-one was seriously injured and it resulted in was the men getting the punishment that they deserve.

In February 2019, a man was arrested and charged with insurance fraud in the US state of New Jersey after pretending to slip and fall on ice cubes, according to DailyMail.

The allegation came after CCTV footage appeared to show a man deliberately throwing ice on the floor before faking a fall.

The Middlesex County prosecutor said that Alexander Goldinsky, a 57-year-old man from Randolph, filed a false insurance claim for ambulance service and hospital treatment he received for injuries he claimed he sustained at a company in Woodbridge, Township.

Goldinsky was charged with one count of insurance fraud and one count of theft by deception.

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