Nearly two months after the abrupt demise of "Glee" actress and singer Naya Rivera, her son divulged her last word. The autopsy report indicates further details regarding her death.

The Last Word

Four-year-old Josey told authorities that prior to his mother's disappearance underwater, Naya Rivera called out for "help."

According to the official autopsy report, this was before she disappeared into California's Lake Piru on the 8th of July. "The child indicated that they entered the water and after he was back on the boat, she yelled 'help' and then went underwater," reported The State.

Josey, Previtire's Side of the Story

The autopsy report indicates the details regarding the actress' last moments narrated by Josey.

According to Rivera's mother Yolanda Previtire, the 33-year-old went to Lake Piru with plans to BBQ with her son Josey Hollis Dorsey but changed her mind and rented a pontoon boat for three hours instead. Previtire said that she was familiar with the lake and has previously visited more than once and could swim well in the lake.

Josey's Narration

She did not receive help at the crucial moment but the little boy heard her last word before she went underwater. According to the "opinion" section on the autopsy report, the four-year-old told the authorities that "they entered the water and after he was back on the boat, she yelled 'help' and then went underwater,'" reported Celebrity Insider.

Autopsy Report

The autopsy report also re-confirmed her death's cause as "drowning" and declared it an "accident." Although Rivera whose last word was "help" went missing on the 8th of July, her official date of death is cited as the 13th of July when her body was discovered.

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Josey was able to recount to the police regarding his mother's last actions. He said that they counted to three before diving into the water together.

"According to wind records for the lake area, high wind was up to 8 mph and wind gust speed was greater than 10 mph and up to as high as 21 mph on the afternoon of 7/8." The area where she was found "had a depth at the lake of about 25-30 feet, with an underwater shelf nearby that was about 65-70 feet deep," the autopsy report further indicated, reported Geo News.

On July 8, Rivera and Josey, her son with former husband Ryan Dorsey, appeared to be parking and coming out of a Mercedes G-Wagon SUV.

The LA native grew up an estimated 20 miles from the Ventura County lake and had been used to going to the place.

Shortly following the pair entering the water, which investigators indicate was in Diablo Cove, Rivera told her son to return to the boat. Josey stated that Rivera put her arm up in the air while yelling "help."

A boater discovered Rivera's son asleep on the rented boat alone donning a life vest.

According to the Ventura County Medical Examiner in July after her body was discovered, "The autopsy findings are consistent with drowning and the condition of the body is consistent with the time she was submerged. No traumatic injuries or disease were identified at the autopsy. There is no indication from the investigation or the examination that drugs or alcohol played a role," reported Celebrity Insider.

No one was present to have heard Rivera's last word but she reportedly managed to save her son.

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