The world-renowned physicist may have been bound to a wheelchair and was incapable of speaking. But Stephen Hawking had a complex and tangled love life.

A new memoir by Stephen's old friend Leonard Mlodinow divulges details of Hawking's marriages and affairs and how the physicist, who communicated by a computer, called to be the center of attention and eclipsed people within his life.

The Second Wife Was Reportedly a 'Nobody'

His second wife once threw a tantrum in front of dinner guests and claimed that she had been his slave for 20 years. Elaine Hawking felt that she was a "nobody" because she was veiled by her Stephen's need to be the center of attention.

Beyond a Physicist

Since Albert Einstein, Stephen Hawking was the most acclaimed physicist. He uncovered the secrets of the universe alongside defying a merciless illness for over 50 years.

Is it said that to learn about Stephen's life is to decipher that he was beyond a physicist. He was on a relentless journey to unravel the mysteries of the universe that would allow humankind to witness the "mind of God."

A Father

Stephen Hawking reportedly had three children.

Although they had refrained from media attention, they did not live in their father's shadow and established themselves in their respective careers, reported New Idea.

Love Story With First Wife Jane Wilde

The narrative between him and his first wife Jane Wilde was captured in the 2014 Oscar-nominated film "The Theory of Everything" which starred Eddie Redmayne and Felicity Jones. Redmayne won the Academy Award for Best Actor in a Leading Role.

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Jane Wilde's Assertion

However, the first wife of the late physicist has asserted that the acclaimed film regarding their lives together did not accurately depict their three decades of marriage.

According to Jane whose memoir "Travelling to Infinity" was used as a source for the 2014 film remarked that despite her appealing to the producers to be precisely faithful to her biography, inaccuracies were accepted in order to keep the running time to a minimum.

She remarked, "I knew if there were mistakes in the film that they were going to be immortalised, which they have been," reported The Guardian.

Personal Life

Failed marriages, obsessed followers, divided families, and allegations of abuse hunted Hawking for the span of his life before he passed away at the age of 76.

Marriage With Jane Wilde

Problems that emerged for the couple were believed to have started following the publication of "A Brief History of Time." As accolades and global fame flowed from the landmark work, it also attracted attention from unwanted admirers.

Dark Time

In 1964, his mental state, according to an observer, "was overshadowed by a deep depression... Harsh black cynicism, aided and abetted by long hours of Wagnerian opera at full volume," reported Independent.

An observer noted that he drove his car furiously not looking at the road, as if he did not care about the posed danger of death. The observer was young undergraduate Jane Wilde.

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