Democratic Presidential Candidate Joe Biden recently talked with Jacob Blake over the phone after days of violent protests calling for justice of the incident where police officers shot the black man in the back seven times.

Still in the hospital and paralyzed, Blake said that he was not going to give up whether he remained paralyzed and not be able to walk again, said former vice-president Biden.

Compassionate visit

According to BBC, Biden talked about his discussions with Blake during a church meeting inside the city where the shooting incident took place. The move comes after United States President Donald Trump visited Kenosha on Tuesday.

During his visit, Trump surveyed the damage to the city and commented on the radical and chaotic demonstrations that took place and promised to help small business owners get their establishments up and running once again and expressed his support for local law enforcement.

Trump did not visit Blake's family during his trip to Kenosha, arguing that they wanted a lawyer to be present during the meeting.

Both presidential candidates are placing their focus on Wisconsin as the state is pivotal in the upcoming November elections.

In 2016, Trump narrowly won the presidential race, and Wisconsin has, for decades, supported the winning party of the top elections of the country whether they were a Republican or a Democrat.

Trump has continued to tout his campaign with the message of "law and order." Biden, on the other hand, has accused the Republican president of fueling the fires of racism and racial division.

Governor Tony Evers of Wisconsin said he would have preferred that neither Trump nor Biden visited his state.

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Night and day

However, after Biden visited Wisconsin, Governor Evers said that the difference between the former vice-president's and Trump's visits was as clear as night and day. During an interview, the state governor said that the people he spoke to needed healing after the incidents, as reported by CNN.

Evers expressed his thoughts that Trump's visit and the Republican's desire to talk about Blake's shooting was vastly different from Biden's empathetic travel and attempt to understand the issues at hand.

Blake's attorney, Ben Crump, said the victim's family was grateful for Biden's visit and that they were impressed with the former vice-president's engagement and willingness to listen to their story.

During the meeting, Blake's mother led the people in the group with prayer, and his father talked with the Democrat about the country's need for systemic police reform.

Crump noted that the meeting showed Biden genuinely cared for Blake as he reached out with humanity and met him with respect and dignity.

According to CBS News, later in the day of his visit to Wisconsin, Biden met with community leaders in a meeting to discuss issues of racial justice. During the discussions, the Democrat said that there was an opportunity to push with reforms after the incidents.

Biden said that the country had reached an inflection point in the history of the United States. He also discussed the nation's need for criminal justice reform and helping individuals who are under the influence of addiction and mental health victims.

Despite his support for the victims, the Democrat also criticized the recent acts of violent riots and looting which ravaged Kenosha, citing a business owner whose store was devastated during the chaos.

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