Before having a meeting with the local law enforcement, United States President Donald Trump visited the site that was burned during the protests in the city. The trip that was made by Trump underscores his re-election argument that the country was under the threat of being overtaken by violent mobs.

Trump shared during the roundtable discussion on community safety that to stop the political violence that the country faces, there is a need of confronting the radical ideology that includes this violence.

The president also mentioned that the reckless far-left politicians continue and pushing the destructive message that the nation and its law enforcement are racist and oppressive.

Trump emphasized that instead of condemning Americans should give far great support to the people behind enforcement, NBC News reported.

The US President also mentioned and repeatedly warned that places like Kenosha and cities like it around the country that were beset by violence could experience greater damage if Democrats will be elected in November.

On the other hand, Trump's opponent, the Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden denounced the accusations of the current president about inflaming the country's raw racial tensions.

The latest wave of protests came from the city of Kenosha as its people are calling for racial justice after another black man Jacob Blake was shot in the back not less than seven times by a white police officer that put him into the state of being paralyzed. 17-year-old boy, Kyle Rittenhouse was charged with murder and faces accusations of shooting two people which ended up to their death and wound a third person who was participating during the demonstrations in the city.

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Despite the calls received coming from local officials to nix the trip as the criticism continues, Trump still pushed the visit wherein during his statement, he echoed the law and order campaign message that he also delivered during the Republican National Convention.

Alongside Homeland Security's acting Secretary Chad Wolf and Attorney General William Barr Trump visited the burned building in the city of Kenosha wherein based on the president's public schedule they described the said stop as a tour on the affected property due to the latest riots.

According to Spectrum News, aside from the damaged site, Trump also visited the local emergency operations center wherein he thanked the local law enforcement officials and the National Guard.

Not only Wolf and Barr accompanied the US president on his trip to Wisconsin as assistants to the president Dan Scavino and Ja'Ron Smith are also present alongside former Chief of Staff Reince Priebus who was part of the presidential delegation of Trump.

In an interview, Trump shared with the reporters that he did not plan to have a visit to the Blake family as he wants it to be handled locally.

Instead of meeting the Blake family, The US president stated that he met with the pastor of the Blake family but the father of Jacob Blake stated that they do not have any family pastor.

Throughout his visit, the US president repeatedly stated that he has an interest in sending law enforcement in areas specifically in Portland, Oregon.

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