"Teen Mom" Kailyn Lowry has upheld herself from the show's viewers who denounced her as "toxic."

The reality show star resorted to Instagram Stories to proclaim herself far from being toxic. Viewers are not on the same page.

Since July 30 upon welcoming her fourth child into the world, Lowry has been seared with criticism from social media users on the internet. For example, some users do not think that Chris Lopez is the actual father of little Creed notwithstanding Lowry's consistent claims to contravene them.

A poignant season of "Teen Mom 2" will premiere soon and prior to that, Lowry divulged that she hopes to not be seared with criticism as part of the show will display her ruminating over a then-potential abortion with her fourth child, reported Babygaga.

Lowry gave birth to Creed at 2:47 PM on the said day. Her child measured 22.5 inches long and weighed 8 pounds and 15 ounces.

She is concerned that people would question her why she would bother to tell the public that she had ruminated over abortion in the first place.

Her other children are as follows: Lincoln Marshall, Lux Russell, and Isaac Elliot, reported Celebrity Insider.

Lowry revealed that she would like more children a short while after giving birth to her fourth son. According to the mother of four, she thinks that she needs help because she is confused about why she is thinking about another baby immediately after birth, reported The Sun.

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The baby daddy Lopez has reportedly not seen their newborn son for a while but is hoping for an improvement in the co-parenting department. Lowry had Creed as her second child with her former partner.

The 28-year-old posted a screenshot of her tweet that read, "I"m not actually toxic ‍️you just not about to play with me," reported another article from The Sun.

Viewers of the reality show were iffy regarding such claims and posted their perspectives on Reddit.

According to a user, "If you need to make a post clarifying that you are not toxic and are just standing up for yourself....you are probably kinda toxic." And according to another user, "Everytime Kail posts a vague comment, somewhere an Angel gets their wings... or Chris just laughs his ass off and thinks about signing his parental rights away, again."

The puzzling post was believed to be not in response to a distinguished event but may be in reference to her and Lopez' ongoing issues.

Lowry and her former partner also share three-year-old son Lux.

The reality star has been responding to trolls who alleged that Chris is not Creed's father. She pleaded to netizens to stop making comments on her newborn son's skin color. She prodded that there is a possibility that their infant could be white despite Lopez being the father. Lopez also responded on Instagram that Creed's mother is a white woman and it is normal for a white woman to give birth to a white-skinned child.

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