The ultimate challenge is: Can a college student live independently away from their parents?

You may receive a scholarship, a grant, or a loan to cover your tuition fee. Or you could work part-time in order to manage all your expenses somehow.

If you are thinking of residing solo, there are numerous differences you should keep in check between living with roommates and living solo. There is a share of advantages and disadvantages of living alone or having roommates. The more suitable option will be the one you would have to make before resorting to housing options, reported Uloop.

Balancing college life and finances is not easy. These memorable years require students balancing their education and social lives, reported College Parents of America.

Here are know-hows for college independence:

1. Make a game plan with your parents

There should be a thorough conversation with your parents. Discuss financial obligations, their expectations, and your expectations, reported

Make your best efforts to acquire a college education as it will shave off the burden from your parents. On your spending habits, monitor all your expenses thoroughly and gain control by prioritizing educational needs from personal wants.

2. No rules = Shoulder too much responsibility

Staying up until 5 AM watching Netflix is all well and good if you have the freedom. However, if you have a class before 2 PM, you should exercise self-control.

Staying up late into the wee hours is different when you live alone with the night seemingly like a wild stallion.

No rules imposed translate to far too much responsibility.

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3. You can have people over whenever you want

Even if you are an introvert with your own designated room, with a dormitory full of people, you never really have alone time entirely; You may have your own room, but the apartment will always be busy.

Ensure that your personal space is respected and take a breather from the bustling dormitory life.

Living alone poses that you could choose when to invite friends over and when they leave. Hello, peace and quiet; solitude.

4. Maintain cleanliness

Living alone poses that you have the freedom to keep your place as clean as you wish to.

If you like cleaning up as a very tidy person, then you can happily say goodbye to roommates' prospective piles of unwashed dishes and mounted dirty clothes on the floor.

Clean your dorm room whenever and however you want.

5. Learn to cook basic meals

According to data procured by the United States Department of Education, a campus meal plan costs an estimated $4,300 for a 19-meal-per-week bundle or $7.50 per meal, reported Realtor. However, you should learn how to cook for yourself as an essential life skill.

Cooking meals at your place and alleviating from eating out could help save you money.

A simple Google search (try typing "college cooking recipes") will lead you to easy and non-time-consuming recipes.

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